Friday, January 22, 2010

The Call 2010

this little boy was just too precious.... i couldnt resist taking a picture of him in his little yellow cap. Him running around through our legs all morning, was when the Lord totally reminded me that so many little baby boys like him and our baby Noah, will never have a chance to be a little boy!

EDDIE JAMES!! (if your not familiar with him, google him) Our friend Joey (the guy in the red shirt) is on tour with him right now. He dances for Eddie James...pretty amazing! He is an old friend of Johnnys from Iowa, he was at the camp that Johnny did worship at this summer in Oregon. We all lived together for a week.. very sweet guy.

Our Group!

This sweet little girl...we had just loaded our buses to be shuttled to the sight where the march began, and she was on the other side of the fence

Kayla, Will and Robert

The Guys

Really enjoyed the call!

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