Tuesday, August 7, 2012

His Promise of Healing

Hey Friends.
The last few days have not been too fun. 
Actually, they have been pretty bad.
A few months ago I had a problem with a tooth in the very back of my mouth. Went to the dentist & they said I needed a root canal/crown. We don't have insurance & we don't exactly have $2,200 laying around the house either (yep, thats how much it cost) so I opted to save up & wait it out. Plus it really wasn't hurting so I thought no big deal, we will save up & then I'll get it done. 

Out of no where on Friday afternoon I'm in the worst pain of my life. no joke. worse than labor, the broken bone I had at 11, or the stitches from cyst being removed in my leg a few years ago. In the middle of the night on Sunday I almost went to the ER. Something didn't feel right, like it was more than just a bad tooth ache. My bottom lip, chin, and part of my face on the right started going numb. very creepy feeling. 

Made it through the weekend & on monday morning went in to have my tooth pulled. This tooth is where most peoples wisdom teeth are, but my wisdom teeth on bottom never came in so having it pulled wasn't a big deal because it will never be missed or noticed. 

I had it pulled, which wasn't that bad. However, the dentist informed me that the numbness in my bottom lip, chin, and part of my face may never go away. Apparently, there is nerve damage and sometimes this happens. What??? Seriously? I never knew anything like that could happen. I'm really just shocked. 

The thing is, is that my Jesus is bigger than this. He is bigger than a nerve problem. He is bigger than any problem I will ever be up against. He has always been greater than anything I have ever faced. I told the dentist that I didn't accept that it would never go away. 
I told her, it will go away. 

Friends, Jesus heals. I am believing that healing is on its way to me. Today as I began to let doubt creep in, God reminded me of all the times before that I've prayed for healing in my own life, my sons life, my husband, dad, mom, brother, sister, friends.. the list goes on & on. 

He is faithful, yesterday & today. He never changes.
Malachi 3:6, "For I am the Lord, I do not change"

Today is no different.
I ask you to believe with me. 
I believe in the importance of declaring healing. Today I am declaring mine! I am a believer & stand on his words & promises to me. There is nothing more reassuring than his promises because he is faithful & true. If there is something in your life that I can stand with you in believing for, please email me or simply leave a comment here.



  1. this is wonderful :) stopping by from the link up and i'm so glad i did! i love your blog by the way! i can't wait to read more! happy tuesday!

  2. I am in agreement with you! I know how the enemy can creep in and plant seeds of doubt. I was healed of something in a service once and the next day I started hearing doubt in my mind. I also heard the voice of love and God spoke to me so loudly and so clearly and He told me to look in the mirror every single morning and claim my healing. So, I will claim and believe for that healing with you.

  3. Your daddy and I are praying for you,and we believe God is going to heal you like he has so many times. I don't know where we would be without our faith in God and his healing power! Your going to have a wonderful testimony when your healing comes. We love you,and we know God has it under control.

  4. Praying and believing with you Brittany! So sorry you're having to go through this. But we do serve a God that heals, we've seen him do it before and we know that he can do it again.

  5. Faithful indeed!! so glad we can trust Him!

    Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  6. Am now your newest follower, what a great spirit you have! :)

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