Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nearly 37 weeks!

week 36 and 4 days...almost 37 weeks!

so i decided to paint things for Noahs room, instead of purchasing. below are 3 of them.. there are two more.. i forgot to put those on here..i will later...
not too crazy about the one above..ill probly not set it out....
Cute little happy whale

now thats just insane! i can NOT believe i only have about 3 weeks left until Noah is here! i mean he could come before that or he could possibly hide out for a little while longer. either way its so close to baby DAY! I have a major research paper due (LAST SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH PAPER, in undergrad school!) so amazing..well its cool that its the last one but not cool that its due friday, worth 40% of my grade and i cant stinking focus. then iahve a 12 page paper due for HBSE II on thursday. and research final on friday also. oh goodness.

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