Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lazy Last Few Days

Today I woke up ate cereal, fed Noah, played with Noah, Cleaned up a bit, make gourmet chicken quesadillas (gourmet bc they were incredible and everything was so fresh) then because Noah would not take a morning nap & it is FREEZING in Texas i just wanted to snuggle... so I said lets go snuggle. so we did... ummmm Noah slept 3 hours next to me/on me. Johnny got home from work and found me in BED! ha! I felt like a bum but he thought it was sweet & took a picture :)
I have not snuggled in bed with noah for a long period of time since he was very little. I LOVED IT!

Right after this I quickly got ready for church! It was very cold but a good service!

The past few days Noah & I have done pretty much nothing. Other than make lunch/dinner/clean/lots of playing/ and SNUGGLING!

Noah thinks it is hilarious to stand up and then jump up & down while holding on...
makes me nervous.

Noah & I stroll around Target A LOT lately... mommy is bored!

Noah watching it snow on Monday... by the way... he is sockless bc he refuses to keep them on OR he slips on the hardwood as he tries to stand up and walk around objects

OHHHH during lunch yesterday i just happened to look under the table bc he was making an odd noise and he is STANDING UP ON HIS OWN! not holding onto anything.
just a free standing little baby Noah under our table! (we have a high table)
I kinda squealed and freaked him out he quickly sat down!

So Noah lately is glued to me. All he wants to do is be up on me. Honestly, it makes me so happy! I am not complaining because it is the sweetest thing ever when I am sitting on the floor he just crawls right up in my lap and puts his arms up around my neck. I love it when I don't ask him to give me kisses but he just does it on his own... oh Lord... melts my heart.

I seriously just love love love being his momma. Johnny & I are talking about when to start trying to get pregnant again, we are not too sure of when we want to try. We want more babies & we really want our kids to be no more than 2 1/2 - 3 years apart in age. So we shall see when this happens. Sometimes I just wonder what it is going to be like to
have another baby? I am so crazy about Noah & he truly has my heart.
I am so in love with this little baby boy. Sometimes I want to know, can my heart love again like this?
The answer, I know is yes. God sure created such an amazing gift when
he gave us ladies the ability to have babies, because I often think to myself
wow, I am learning how to love all over again every single day with my son.
I am thankful.
I am blessed.

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