Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Weekend & Familiar Faces

Congrats to Greg & Desiree!

They were married in this sweet little Chapel on Saturday.
I absolutely love weddings! Every wedding is different & special in its own way. For me, it is impossible to not have a good time at a wedding. We sat at a very fun table filled with a few people that we have not seen in some time.
One of those people, being Amber! She was in our youth group at our former church. She is such an amazing young lady who truly is one of a kind not to mention beautiful inside & out. Johnny & I kept whispering to one another all night, “I really miss Amber!” She moved to California this past summer so seeing her now is rare. She is someone who will always be so special to us.

Also at our table, my brother & his lovely lady Haleigh. Johnny & I were lucky enough to get to hang out with them a few times this weekend. Seriously, this girl is fun!

The four of us went back to Yums for some Gelato & Coffee. Johnny & I had a lot of fun this weekend hanging out together. We wondered around the venue at the wedding like we were on a date… when you are kid free for a night, it is considered a date!

We danced around a little bit together & just had a nice time. We got back way past Noah’s bedtime to find him still awake. Ha! He was having too much fun playing with grammy & campy to go to bed. So he snuggled up to Johnny before I put him into bed.

This weekend was fun. It was nice to see Familiar Faces. 

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