Monday, May 7, 2012

My Little Man

Today is a fun day! My sweet friend Colie who blogs at 
The Plaid Sparrow asked me to guest post on her blog today, so be sure to come say hello over there! She let me share a few things I'm looking forward to over the summer months to come. I love the friendships that this world of blogging brings. Colie has such a kind heart, a true love for Jesus &I am thankful for her friendship. 

Recently, I bought a fancy smancy camera (ha) or at least thats what I refer to it as. Not too sure how fancy smancy it is, but it is way better than my iphone camera. I have been wanting one for over 2 years & when I graduated last year I was blessed to receive many blessings to justify spending this much money on myself. At the time we had some unexpected expenses come up & decided to wait to purchase it. So, now I am celebrating graduating all over again when I use this camera! 
Last year I made the commitment to take special pictures of Noah each year in honor of his birthday. Not gonna lie it is a little extra work to take "planned" picture verses spontaneous ones but I am thankful I'm making the choice to do it. On the day of his High School graduation we will be so grateful that we took the time out to capture these precious pictures of our little man. 
Taking pictures with a professional photographer can be insanely pricy so I am enjoying taking pictures of our sweet family with my new camera.
Oh my, how I love my little man. He is so very precious & such a blessing in our lives. Each time I go back to look over these pictures my heart is so happy. 

There are more photos that I took but I didn't want to totally flood this post with them. Really can not believe my baby 
boy will turn two on May 12th. 

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  1. Hello! Found your blog from the plaid sparrow and I love it! I just saved up and got a great camera recently also! Totally worth the money! Also wanted to tell you how adorable your Noah is! I have a Noah too and he makes my world go round!

    1. Awe, thank you! Yes, it is definitely worth the money for a nice camera. I am thankful to have got one when my little guy is still pretty little. It has already been so much fun! Thanks for saying hello!

  2. OMG!!! How cute are these pictures? I would have to say that my favorite, though, is the first one in black and white. Aahhh - makes my heart melt. So sweet!

    1. Thanks stacy! I had a lot of fun taking them. Yes, I love the black and white one but he just looks like such a little boy & not a baby anymore. Bittersweet.

  3. Hello again! Im not sure what I did on here, but for some reason Im showing up anonymous! Oh well. If you gwt a chance, you can check out my blog. Thanks again for your inspiration!

    1. Hey Carolyn. So glad you showed up as you this time :)


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