Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, Hey!

Hey Friends! I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! We spent the holiday with my hubby's family in the Houston area. My in laws came up to visit us last weekend & actually took Noah home with them for a few days while Johnny was still trying to recover from pneumonia. That was very appreciated because it gave me a chance to feel human again, lol. The last month has just been off with not getting much sleep at night because of Johnny being so sick & with everything else going on. We were very happy to see our little man when we got to their house!

We spent Thanksgiving hanging out. Johnny went to the shooting range for the 1st time with his brother & dad. He enjoyed it. If you know me well you know that I really disklike guns. Which is totally uncommon if you live in Texas, lol. But I know he had a good time so I'm glad. Uncle Mike taught Noah how to play soccer & score! Check it out!

We ate lots of yummy food, played a few games, and even celebrated my birthday a bit. So all Johnny & I could talk about on the way down to Houston was that it is nearly December! How did this happen?! I'm not gonna like about being sad that the Fall season is coming to an end because I don't want to put away all of my pretty fall decor. Seriously! I like Christmas decorating but for goodness sake I just want more time to enjoy all the pretty fall things in my home. With that said, I'm not rushing to decorate for Christmas until this weekend. Well, if my hubby will allow. \We may have to compromise. We shall see.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday! Guess what tomorrow is? Now Rejoice! Can't wait to share a testimony from my friend Tiffany! Seriously, you will truly be blessed by her & her families story!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Such great pictures you captured! My little guy recently learned how to play soccer as well. Too cute! Noah is just a darling little guy.
    Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!


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