Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Affordable Summer: World Market

Summer is here! Or at least its on its way. I appreciate Texas trying to hold onto this wonderful cooler weather for as long as possible, but I know it is inevitable that soon enough I will step out of my home and instantly begin pouring in sweat. Its coming, lets just all get ready for it!

So to help with this fate that is upon us lets start looking at the bright side. There are so many fun things that summer has to offer. Such as pool time, backyard parties with friends, possibility of a vacation, and lots of fun things from World Market. Randomly, I went online to see if there was anything remotely affordable to buy from World Market, and much to my surprise there is! Almost everything above, with the exception of the chair, ranges from $5 to just under $30. My top three favorite things are the blue drink dispenser, the vase, and the tea cup set with the bird on top. Pretty much crazy about everything though. Check out the drink carrier that would be perfect for my mason jars to tote out on a picnic. So fun! 

What are some fun things that you are thinking about buying to make the summer more enjoyable?

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  1. Love the colors!!! Now following you from life on lakeshore drive blog hop, I invite you to visit my blog ♥ from México :)


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