Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Sweetest Moment On Mona Drive

This man of mine.
I am so blessed to call him my best friend.
My favorite person. My husband.

Believe it or not, I still have many moments that I have a hard time believing he is mine.
That he found me.
Chose to be my friend, when I really needed one - but didn't want one. {Read Here}
Decided to fall in love with me and never look back.
Always taking me for who I am.
The good, the bad, the pretty times, the very hard times, and all the wonderful along the way.

We celebrated our fourth year of marriage on May 16th with a simple dinner & a trip to old navy.
On the drive to the store Johnny gave me a little grey bag & this card.
After falling in love with the cutest card ever he asked me to open the gift.
Inside was the sweetest gift he has ever given me.
Something that over the years, in random conversation, I mentioned how nice it would be to have.
As I opened the gift, I was in disbelief of what I was looking at & immediately began to tear up.
I say this was the sweetest gift he has given me - the reason I say this - was not simply because of the beautiful gift hidden in this small white box but the reaction he had to me opening it.
Along with the sacrifices I knew he made to secretly save to get it for me.

His eyes filled with tears and his response to my disbelief, "I love you so much and you always deserve to feel beautiful, special. I'm so happy. We have gone through so much in life together, it hasn't been easy sometimes, but even though things were hard I've still never felt happier."

Here we are. Tears streaming down our faces. Holding hands. At a stop sign in a neighborhood.
Having the sweetest moment on Mona Drive.
Heading to Old Navy. Me, the happiest woman. Him, the happiest man.
Holding something most women probably already own. Maybe even several pairs.

Life doesn't have to be full of things, trips, and all the glitz & glamour to be the happiest people.
Life is more than those things. For us, life is about honoring the Lord together, truly loving one another - always falling in love, raising our babies happily, growing together, serving others, & enjoying all the beautiful things in life.

I value that some of the sweetest moments in life are the ones that are simple, pure, and absolutely unexpected. Happy Four Years Baby!

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  1. That is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!! Stacie xo
    (stopping by from Sweet Tea Texas Bloggers hop)

  2. I found your blog thought the Sweet Tea Social and I must say that I was so encouraged by your Redemptive Story! I love to hear how God works in the lives of brokenness! :) Also I think that it's awesome that we both know Ashley Beaudin from The Story Project! :) have a great week!



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