Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was a bit different in that we did not join extended family to celebrate. Rather we simply stayed home with our little family to cook dinner together and enjoy the day. It wasn't by choice, but more guided by my doctor to not travel just yet and to continue to avoid too much activity in one day. Staying home was difficult choice at first, but I've learned to give myself much grace the last two months while recovering from post preeclampsia. Less than a month ago my doctors think I had a mini stroke because I pushed myself a little too much. This battle has been incredible scary and I'm so thankful for the Lords protection during these last two months. The Lord has been doing much in my heart as I trust him and learn to truly rest. He is good. Truly. In all times. Always teaching me things.
Life has been very busy to say the least the last few months so this holiday was the perfect opportunity for us to stay home, relax, and to spend some quality time together as a family of four. The week prior to thanksgiving Johnny's sweet grandmother went to be with Jesus. She was truly so genuine, sweet, and full of Jesus. The first time I met her she asked me to sit down to talk for a while. She was so full of the Holy Spirit that I got up, walked to the bathroom, and began to cry because the presence of the Lord was just so sweet with her.  Honestly. She just had so much of Jesus that she radiated Him. Beautiful. The week before Thanksgiving Johnny and his brother flew to Iowa to be with their family in saying goodbye to their grandmother. I'm thankful he got to go. Later that week he flew back into Austin to join students for the yearly youth convention. By Thanksgiving we all needed some time to take it easy and enjoy our little family.
Johnny cooked the turkey & helped me prepare the sides. Everything was so good.
We walked around the yard, played outside, and had a good time enjoying our sweet kids. The past two months have taught our family so much in regards to thanksgiving. I'm truly so thankful to be alive. The last few months the Lord has blessed our little family in the most amazing ways, big and small. I'm looking forward to this month of celebrating my healer. my savior. my king. my Jesus.

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  1. I love you guys & seriously SO glad you are feeling better girl! SO scary! But God is so good & faithful! Praising Him for the gift of you and Olivia! Your little family is just so precious! Love you all!!


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