Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hope Spoken; All About Glorifying Him

The most beautiful part of meeting new people, making new friends, and doing new things is allowing the Lord to move in every aspect of it. Seeing him work out the details along the way. 

I heard about Hope Spoken nearly a year ago. Immediately I knew that it was a conference to attend simply because of the message spoken. Hope. Romans 5:1-5, We rejoice in the hope of the glory of God, and hope does not disappoint. The women behind this event truly are genuine, kind, and very much full of the Holy Spirit. Their words online are the same in person. Their hearts are even bigger in real life. Making friends online is an interesting concept because there is always the concern that perhaps the realness of individuals online is not quite genuine to who they are. These concerns were put to rest upon arriving at the conference. 
Before leaving for the conference I asked the Lord to place the women in my path that He would desire for me to meet. To encourage me and those He might have me to encourage. I love that the Lord is faithful, always leading when we ask. 

My sister Jen, online (now real life) friend Allison, and new friend Caitlin were my sweet roommates for the weekend. Oh, you should really go read how God was so sweet to Jen (through Danielle) in getting her to the conference. (Read here) I'm so happy these women were my roommates it was so good getting to spend time with them. My sister & I haven't had a weekend together in years. Was amazing to have some unexpected sister time with her. 
Hope Spoken was all about Jesus, all about real life, and truly everything about Hope in our savior. Women with all different types of stories of brokenness, disappointment, loss, and the hard parts of life shared from their hearts of how the Lord set them free, made them new, restored them, and gave them Hope. I can not say enough how truly genuine these women were in sharing their stories from the stage & in one on one conversations. 
Over the course of the weekend their was ample time for worship, the word, and hearing testimonies from others. The Lord allowed me to share pieces of my story with my small group at the conference as well as a few other women. I love how the Lord is faithful. Always restoring. Alway at work when we least expect it. 
A few of my favorite parts of the weekend... 
Hearing Danielle speak about, Living in the Now. She graciously shared in such an honest way her fears about open adoption. As she began to speak the Lord totally wrecked my heart in big ways. Johnny & I have been praying about adoption for a few years now and we are at a place of waiting on the Lords timing. (waiting is hard) This lady is just the sweetest. 
Another favorite part was hearing from Casey's heart again. I had the chance to hear her a few years ago at another conference. Her sweet spirit came through then and once again at Hope Spoken. On the last night of the conference Jenny from Addison Road spoke and was just incredible. Totally anointed as she lead worship & shared testimonies from her life. I loved seeing friends who I haven't seen in a few years, hearing & meeting a favorite author Shauna Niequist, oh and eating very yummy treats. 

I wont mention all of my favorite parts because we would be here all day. I'll just say that the entire conference was simply beautiful. Every woman felt loved & valued. Something completely refreshing from the weekend was that I can count on one hand how many times I heard the word, blog. Hope Spoken was all about giving Him Glory. If your are looking for a conference full of Jesus, sweet new friends, and time to grow in the Lord this is for you. Saving up to go back next year! You should join me!


  1. Oh I LOVE this! I just love to hear testimonies of how God orchestrates such beautiful timing and meetings in our lives!

    and seriously...that backdrop is SOOOO ADORABLE! I'll have to remember that for a party someday!

    1. :) I know I LOVED the backdrop. I had to ask danielle how the did it because I'm thinking just like you, future parties. :)

  2. Sounds amazing, so good to be inspired by a sisterhood of girls sharing a heart and soul journey. Nice to have found your blog over at Casey Leigh's :)

    1. Yes, it is so good to be inspired and encouraged by like minded women. So glad you found me!


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