Sunday, April 13, 2014

Live a Life Refreshed in Him. Not Yourself.

just breathe
stop controlling
start speaking kindly
move with gentleness
act in kindness
find his grace.
One day last week this is what I began to say to myself around 8:30 am. Johnny was gone to work, I was trying to get dressed for the day & breakfast going. 
My coffee was already cold, reheated twice. 
Olivia was crying. Noah was giving me a run for my money. 
Requiring my patience to work on overtime. 
He was nearly begging me to put him into time out.
I felt anxious. 
Literally out of breath. 
It would have been the perfect moment for me to release myself into the temptation of becoming overwhelmed and allowing the ugliness that wanted to rise up within me out. 

Thankfully, we serve a Jesus who ask us to be mommas of a different standard.
In moments like this He encourages our hearts to act in His love. Not our own. 
To show grace to our little sons who are a bit out of control before 9 am.
He calls us to reach deep into ourselves to pull out the lovely even if its surrounded by ugly.
I breathed in deep. 
Picked up my baby girl. 

Grabbed my little man. 
Asked the Lord to cover our day together. 

Letting us feel refreshed instead of run down.
He has been speaking to me to walk in a life refreshed in Him. Not myself. 

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  1. This is a wonderful reminder and encouragement to all of us mommas! Thank you for this post; I needed it on this Monday morning. :)

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog through Mommy Moments. Thanks for sharing your heart, my husband and I don't even have children yet but this spoke deeply to my anxious heart the same. I'm a new follower and am excited to keep reading!

    1. Oh, that makes me happy. It is a challenge at times to calm my anxious heart. Glad you found me.

  3. So many times. So many days. And still the desperate need for Jesus to step in and calm our anxious hearts! Thank you for being open and honest about the struggle so many of us forget to acknowledge!

  4. I know Jennifer. Thankful for a God who helps calm our hearts.


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