Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Honest Momma. Join me?

I LOVE being a stay at home momma to my sweet little ones. 
These days are so special. Sweet, lovely, and charming.
These little people are two of the three greatest loves of my life.
I prayed hard for each of them.
God has been so faithful to give them to me. Entrusting me with their lives. 
However, that doesn't mean that some days are not challenging. 
Each day is not all smiles, snuggles, and pretty. Some days are mini marathons that I highly doubt some of the best trained athletes could ever survive. Physically, maybe. Mentally, not so much. Being the main caregiver for your family is a challenge at times. I think the most challenging part of it all is for the momma to know who she is, where her identity rest.

As women if our identity is found in the state of our home, then anytime the laundry is overflowing or the floor needs mopped our happiness will not come until we complete the chore.

As a momma if our identity is found in the perfection of motherhood, then we will constantly be striving to be better. Do better. Make them happier. Buy them more things. Take them more places. Do it all.

As a wife if our identify is found in our husbands, how best we can make them happy and striving to be the best house wife (vomit) then we will most surely fail. 

When we fail at all these things where our identity is placed then what is left?
Where do we go from here?

Lets find our identity in Jesus. Finding joy, peace, comfort, and fulfillment in Him. 
Lets remember that being a wife & a momma is not always picture perfect.
Lets give ourselves some grace. Forget trying to always have the prettiest instagram or facebook pictures for the sake of pleasing someone else. Can we forget pretending to be the best? Life is messy sometimes. Lets embrace it.
In saying all of this I've started something on Instagram. 
Started capturing little moments that might not be so perfect.
Perhaps they are moments that most wives, mommas, and women in general would rather keep a secret. Not letting other mommas, wives, women know happen in your home. For example, maybe your bed is unmade for the 5th day in a row. The dishes are still on the table from last nights dinner. The laundry, well that is never done and piling up out of control in your room. So you just keep that door shut tight. 

I've started capturing these moments and sharing them with the hashtag, #ahonestmomma 
If you search that hashtag you will see my post from the last few months. 
One thing about myself that I will forever work to keep is my honesty. To always be real, never trying to be something or someone that I am not. To not be a pretender of a woman, momma, wife, friend, or believer. To be real. Honest. True.
With that said, will you join me?
Will you be #ahonestmomma ? 
Will you consider joining a community of women who are in the same place that you are.
Who maybe need an encouragement that its okay to not be perfect. To not have to have everything together all the time.
Lets face it, thats not reality. Thats not truth. 

Being a honest momma is not an excuse to be a lazy woman. To not care for your children, husband, or neglect responsibility of your home that the Lord has blessed you with. Instead its simply the reality that being a mommy & wife is hard work sometimes. That the reality of a tidy home 24/7 is just not gonna happen with littles. If it does, you can forget ever having a free moment to yourself. to think, write, pray, spend time with others. enjoy your kids being kids. to relax. to feel a little more human. its just not going to happen unless thats all your life is…. cleaning. I would rather be growing and celebrating life.

So if you would like to be vulnerable with me in the hopes of encouraging others & knowing that its okay to not be perfect join me with #ahonestmomma ! Click here to connect!


  1. I'm so excited to join you in this! I've loved seeing your #honestmomma posts on instagram in the past!

    1. yay! Would love for you to join me on IG! It encourages me to see other mommas being real where they are in life.

  2. Is it too late to change this to "*an* honest momma"? The "h" in "honest" is considered voiceless, so the word warrants an "an," because it begins with a vowel sound. Sorry for the off-topic comment; feel free to delete :).

  3. Oh thank you! Over the last 3 months (when I started this on IG) I've had a few sweet people email me, tell me in person, or comment mentioning this to me. I thought about changing it but then decided that would just be defeating the purpose-trying to hide my imperfections. So I decided to leave it :) Thank you so much for the thoughtful suggestion.


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