Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Celebrating in the Desert

 This past week was the first time in my life the celebration of Christ resurrected felt so much heavier on my heart than ever before. The weight of my sins, sickness, brokenness, and failures on my Jesus overpowered all the things in my life during the week. I don't feel this has truly been the case before in the week leading up to Easter. Don't get me wrong I've always understood the sacrifice made for my restoration, healing, and forgiveness but last week was much different. 

Before the week began I made it a point to set my heart on the sacrifice asking the Lord to remove my thoughts from all the distractions that so often took the place of Him during this special week. With the distractions gone from the hustle of my normal Easter, the celebration of the cross was much more powerful. The last few years the Lord has been so faithful to me personally and to my family. Experiencing his faithfulness during the dark times in life when there is no other option will catapult your faith to new places. Although life has been scary in particular the last 6 months for me, I'm thankful for the dark places because it is in those moments the Lord draws you closer to him. As he draws you into the desert the intimacy with him is real. true. undeniable. Keeping our focus on him leads us into a deeper walk with him. Celebrating in the desert is not always easy but it is powerful.
Realizing that we serve a Jesus who is alive makes all the difference in our journeys. We all have stories, journeys but how we approach them in our faith is what separates us from walking in victory or walking in defeat. Knowing that Jesus is alive, believing the power of the cross is real has the ability to set us free. This is my prayer for you reading this.

I discovered Kari Jobe's new song, Forever, last week and the lyrics have wrecked me. Take a few minutes to listen to the the song & also the spoken word at the end of the video. Powerful.

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