Thursday, June 12, 2014


Sometimes during life it is difficult to see the bigger picture when you are in the thick of it. When life is so overwhelming and situations simply do not make sense it is nearly impossible to see God moving. Instead it is easy to see the enemy at work. We tend to allow doubt to settle in our minds, hearts and believe that God is no where in the middle of the mess. In the middle of the work he has called us to do. We lose sight of our calling when it becomes difficult. 

This last week the Lord has allowed me to see the full picture. In regards to areas of life that I've desperately longed to see the meaning behind in situations my heart never understood. Over the last few years my faith has grown an incredible amount. Looking back at the trials the Lord has walked us through I see the full picture today. I know what he was doing now when in the moment I remember crying out to him asking him where he was. Over the last few years there have been times we have found ourselves at a loss for words. Feeling defeated. Many Saturday nights Johnny and I would go the the church laying ourselves at the altar just asking the Lord to show us the bigger picture. As Noah ran around the sanctuary we were emptying ourselves before God, allowing him to refill us to carry us through the circumstances. Most times we continued on through the battle never understanding the full picture. Unable to see the Lords work.

At times I would feel like the Lord left.
He never left though.
 He was always there. 
True to me. To us. To those we were fighting for.

As believers we trust the Lord stepping out in faith as the Holy Spirit prompts our hearts to move. There have been times God has asked me to encourage someone in specific ways. At times I've felt silly or awkward in the moment but I chose to listen. Never seeing the outcome of obeying until years later. 

There have been times when Johnny & I have given ourselves to serve in situations that we knew God asked us to. However, it was hard and at times, the work felt pointless. Years later we have seen the complete picture. Gods faithfulness because we obeyed.

"The Lord allows us to see things later to encourage us to keep moving forward" 
My mother in law encouraged me with this a week ago. I've been beyond blessed by my husbands mother, Jane. In situations where I literally feel lost I've simply asked her to pray for me, at times she doesn't even know what is going on. However she responds with the exact words needed. She encouraged me to remember to obey the Lord when he prompts my heart to move in a specific way even if in the moment I'm unable to see the purpose. She reminded me that later the Lord will allow me to see his plans at work to encourage me to keep moving in serving him. 

My heart today is that you are encouraged by my mother in laws words. That regardless if you are the one in the middle of a huge battle that you do not understand, keep moving forward in the Lord. Perhaps you are obeying the Lord, serving him the way he has called you to, but you feel like your work his pointless. Its not friend. I promise. Be encouraged that you will see the full picture in the Lords timing.
Know God has not left you! 


  1. I'm in a bit of a valley right now so these words are encouraging to me. Thank you for linking up at God's Girl.

  2. God is faithful! He has been pouring out blessings on me lately and providing for needs that I, in my silliness, thought were too big. I have a few other trials going on, and, even with recent displays of His faithfulness, I still find myself stressing. Thanks for the reminder to keep moving forward.
    (BTW, I stopped by from TXWB to read this, and ended up getting completely absorbed in your redemption story. I'm a new follower!)

  3. I'm glad I found this post from Texas Women Bloggers. It was comforting and encouraging to read your post. I think sometimes we get so consumed and overwhelmed in our hard times that we forget to take a step back, take a breath, and let God take over.

    Thanks again! Have a wonderful weekend :-)


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