Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy 28 Baby!

Last Monday was Johnny's 28th birthday. Early that morning my little fireman & myself snuck out of the house before daddy and sister were awake to work on a very special birthday surprise. We went to Kroger where I let Noah pick out daddy's birthday present. Completely on his own. Two balloons, 1 massive cookie cupcake, a dr. sues card, and a race car later we rang the door bell to deliver the goods to daddy. This little man was so proud of his gift.  

Of course Noah insisted Johnny close his eyes for the surprise. Honestly, this was such a fun morning with my Noah. We accomplished picking out daddy a fun surprise & gift but I really just loved the alone time with my little man.
My mom was sweet to come watch the kids that afternoon so I could take Johnny on a mini date to see a movie. We had a good time. 
That evening we had a birthday dinner at Chuys to celebrate my sweet man with some wonderful friends. I'm so thankful that the Lord has brought these people into our lives. He sure knows what he is doing. We had such a fun day celebrate Johnny. He truly is such a gift to everyone he meets. His personality is so loving, happy, and very kind. He will do anything for anybody without anyone asking him to do it. He has taught me so much since we have been married. Love you boy!

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