Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5-12-10 = :)

i am so in love with him, it truly is amazing. everyone always gabs about what an incredible feeling it is to have a baby and you imagine what that will be like. but there is not any single way to prepare yourself for the amount of love that you automatically have for your baby. it truly is such an amazing gift that the Lord gave to women. to be mothers. the entire experience, from finding out your pregnant - to - buying maternity jeans - realizing your body is changing like crazy - not being able to see your feet - to holding your husbands hand and counting down the minutes until he was here... there is nothing like it. just love this above picture.. after being in house all day johnny took us to starbucks.. at the time i wasnt suppose to be driving..

it is so hard not to snuggle with him all day. i have to literally force myself to put him in his swing or bed to get stuff done around the house. hes just so sweet.

of course Noah has to have daddies mohawk :)

my naky baby... the only way he eats... for the most part is to take everything off but his diaper.. too funny and cute

about 7 hours old here... when i could finally open my eyes wide enough and focus to see his sweet little face.. unfortunately i had some issues with my blood pressure that caused me to be very out of it and swollen (ill blog later about that nonsense), my high blood pressure is the reason Noah had to come 2 weeks early.
so i was so excited to lay him in front of me and stare at him for a bit..
i love this picture of him!!!! its probably my favorite!
Noah was 6.14 lbs and just over 19 inches long when he was born. Today was his 2 week check up and now he weighs 7.7 lbs :)

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