Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swimming Fully Clothed

so today was fathers day. it was a good day, johnny's sister, elliot and grandma joyce were in town and they all came over along with my family. we grilled and hung out. preslie made a very yummy salad with chickpeas and im hooked. johnny grilled and it was so good.

today i did not go to church.... johnny and i went and had dinner last night because i was desperate to get outta the house and do something. and well i drank about 30 ounces of soda at 8 pm. BIG MISTAKE. i didnt even think about it. usually im very aware of my caffeine intake so Noah will not be affected. well Noah did not sleep more than 30 mins at a time all NIGHT!! so that meant i didnt sleep at all. so he finally went to sleep at about 7 am. so i slept from 7-9.

anyhoo... praying that he sleeps tonight. johnny and kyle are watching a movie right now and johnny is on baby duty currently. kinda nice for me :)

this evening when we walked johnnys family to their car we decided to go for a little walk around the apt complex. my mom was holding noah inside. so we walked andi was like oh lets go look at the pool bc i hadnt seen, its very pretty! so we get there and no one is there. so i was like hey lets jump in the pool. it took a little convincing..johnny was hesitant to jump in fully clothed but we did. and it was lots of fun. we swam for a little while.

:) it was nice to have a little fun with my guy on fathers day

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