Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rock Vacation

took a few of the girls shopping one day

Amber and I @the beach, the day that the jelly fish ruined our afternoon

Allen, Josh, and James with a few of the jellyfish that prevented us from having fun a tthe beach that day. I didnt mind though, it was soo stinking hot and windy and i really wanted to be in the pool anyway.. lol

this kid bobby is something else. lol. hes grown up so much in the last 2 years its crazy. he thinks he's 22 and not 14. too funny. hes a cool kid.

Amber and Noah riding along the beach :)
he is such a good baby. God sure answered our prayers with a mellow baby that we can have in ministry with us. that was something i was concerned about, bc with chi alpha, rock, and church i have to be able to take him everywhere.. so praise the lord for a good baby that goes with the flow. im believing its going to stay this way

on the ferry going home...

in the big shark mouth @ one of the little beachy shops

Fun Times.

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