Saturday, September 25, 2010

Zip Zip Zip Away

there was a little loft/room high up in the trees, it rents for 325$ a night... fun!
Me & Jane hanging around up in the trees! I think this is when i dropped my glove and couldnt figure out how to pick it seriously though. but good lord my boobs are huge...ugh!
HAPPPPPPPPY 25th Birthday Jane!!!!

so today i went ziplining on a canopy tour with my very good friend jane. this is what jane wanted to do for her birthday, and it was a very good choice! so much fun. i was truly freaked out @first, but once i got past the first zipline i was ok. it felt really amazing to just be free and almost floating for a bit. great feeling considering the last few weeks..(all the craziness of our lives currently) and the next few months still ahead.

it is crazy how much i have changed over the last few months. a few years ago it was nothing for me to go bungee jumping, parasailing 800 feet, rock climbing, repelling, scuba diving, and other crazy things... but NOW its like i love doing these things but i just am reluctant to do them. it wasnt like i was sitting there thinking about all the horrible things that could happen if i fell, or got hurt, but it was just like i couldnt let go and just be free to fall/zip.. it was a weird feeling. i know it is because i am so crazy in love with my husband and just so in love with my sweet Noah that it is hard to do anything without them.... i love feeling this way but it was a great thing for me to go without them today. And kinda do something for me.

jane and i have been talking about doing this for about 2 years now. finally happened :)

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