Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesdays :)

A few Tuesdays ago....
My sick little baby...he still wanted to jump though :)

But then it was time for a nap

Snuggle time with daddy!
Almost every Tuesday we try to go get coffee as a family. Noah fell asleep this past Tuesday :)

My very good friend Kayla with Noah.

My brother and Kayla eating my thrown together meal...sorry

Tuesdays are the only day a week that we really have anytime to do anything with friends and family. About a month ago i realized that i was NEVER seeing anyone! well other than my two favorite boys... So we decided to make it a point to stop once a week on tuesday nights and have dinner with a few of our favorite people! regardless of how horribly messy our home is or if we are dressed like crud or if we only get to do something for like 2hours..whatever the case may be...we must have dinner on tuesday nights! its sad that life is too busy right now that we have to schedule when to see our friends and family. for instance it stinks that i have to schedule a skype date, a coffee date, or even a date night with my own husband 2 weeks in advance!
but i know that this is just for a short season in our life... its almost over :)

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