Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Fall Day

Noah before his bath AFTER the WORST DIAPER in NOAH HISTORY.. oh good lord.. nothing like that.. but too funny... we literally just hosed him down in the shower.. too funny.
My sister, Jen let me borrow her moby and i LOVE IT!
This weekend has been a good one. Other than Johnny having to go to LV with out his favorite two people (myself and Noah) but thats ok. He does not have to go up during the week this week. praise GOD. This transition has definitely been challenge for us and is stretching us. It is hard to be so busy and constantly on the go when you are married, in school, and have a sweet baby boy. We are making it and we are almost done. I feel like we are at that point, like when your on a really long run, and you feel like oh good lord i've already gone so far i just dont know if i can do it... but u can.. and we can.

so on thursday afternoon when johnny got home from LV we went for a walk. a cool front had blown through that afternoon and it actually felt like fall for a whole 2 days... its gone now.. but it was nice while it lasted.

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