Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Burlap Wreath with Yarn Letter & Felt Banner

I helped throw a baby shower for my sister Jen. She is about to have her 2nd baby. Tucker. She wanted a circus theme so I made pin wheels, mustaches, and we had circus foods. 

So of course with my obsession with wreaths I had to make Jen one for her shower. I wanted to make a wreath with baby Tucker's name on it but I wanted Jen to be able to reuse it (if she liked it enough to) after the party. I've had several people ask me how to make these types of wreaths so I decided to post a tutorial.

You will need: 
  1. Burlap (color of your choice), I bought 2 yards but you dont need that much! 1 yard should be good.
  2. Straw Wreath (LEAVE WRAP ON IT!)
  3. Hot Glue Gun
  4. Tiny Pins (or hot glue will work)
  5. Wire Hanger
  6. Wood Letter for last name, "M"
  7. Yarn in the color of your choice for the letter "M"
  8. Yarn for the banner
  9. Felt for the banner
  10. Felt peel letters in the color of your choice for the banner
  11. an extra dose of patience!!!!!
  12. Some Ray Lamontagne & cartoons for your toddler :)
Step 1: Cut your burlap into 2 inch strips. Cut at least 5 of these strips.
Step 2: Begin Wrapping your Wreath. DO NOT TAKE THE PLASTIC WRAP OFF OF YOUR WREATH!!! Trust me. Big mistake.
                   Step 3: Satin Push Pins

I made a nice little straight line on the inside of the wreath & then started wrapping once it was secured! Make sure to PULL the Burlap TIGHT as you wrap!!
Step 4: When You Finish with one strip of burlap, secure the next piece down with pins again. Be sure to cover up the pins with the next layer of burlap. So the pins stay completely invisible.

This is what your wreath will look like when you are done wrapping. Kinda messy.

So clean it up.

Much Prettier!
Around this time, You will need to distract your toddler with cartoons bc random household objects no longer are doing the trick:

Now the tricky part!
Let me just say that this is the first time I have ever wrapped a letter in yarn. I should have looked for a tutorial or something online, but for some reason my brain didn't think of doing that until I was having some major yarn issues as I was nearly done covering the M.
If you can find a tutorial, I suggest watching it! lol. I just went for it. 
Step 5: Grab your wood letter & Yarn

Make a knot in the back of the letter & go to town. For the most part it was easy. UNTIL I got to the V for of the M. No FUN !My Poor Little M Was very Poofy! The front looked fine but the back was not too pretty. Luckily that was hidden.

Step 6: Securing the Wood Letter onto the Burlap Wreath w/Hanger
I am quite positive that there is floral wiring or something that can be purchased to make this task much easier. However, it was after Noah's bedtime when I realized that I would need wire. I was in the groove of creativity & opted to make my own wire from an old hanger... well..of course I implies that my, UPS working out machine man, Johnny, was actually the person who bended the wire hanger for me.
So Like I said, I bended the wire hanger and attached the M to the wreath.
So I slipped the hanger through a section of the yarn @ an angle 
that worked best for the spot I wanted the M to be secured to the wreath at.

Step 7: Secure the Letter to the Wreath in the place that you want it. Hold the wreath in place while your muscle man wraps the wire up & cuts off excess wire with wire cutters. Bend the wire over to lay flat & push the wire into the wreath so that it is not sticking out & dangerous.
Step 8: Cut a strip of Burlap to go over the wire hanger. Then use pins or glue to hold the piece of burlap in place under the M.

See you can't even tell the wire is even there!
Step 9: Make a banner to go onto the inside of your wreath.
Step 10: Cut diamond shape pieces of felt @ the size you desire for the letters of the name being used.
Step 11: Wrap Yarn around wreath to make a banner for the inside

Step 12: Put each piece of the felt banner onto the yarn and Hot Glue the ends Together & Then put the felt letters on the banner
Step 13: prop it up & admire all of your hard work

 Reward Your Toddler when your done with a big plastic cup full of water & He will think he has hit the jackpot!


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