Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving & My 26th!!!

Last week was thanksgiving & my 26th birthday! We went down to my parents house on wednesday (almost didn’t go because we had an unexpected purchase of 4 new tires for the car, wow! a bit much), we spent thursday with extended family in the houston area. Then Friday we relaxed & celebrated my birthday with my parents & i received my 1st SEWING MACHINE!! She’s a beauty!
On Saturday we did some more driving to Austin to see my sister & this little guy. My nephew Tucker. He’s so perfect! Just wanted to hold him the whole time.
Later that day we met up with my brother Robert Kyle & my good friend Jane. They live nearby. I really wanted to visit the capital because I’ve driven by it so many times over the last 4 years when I was living much closer to Austin but never stopped to go in. I had been once before on a junior high school trip but I wanted to refresh my memory as an adult.
There were actually protestors right outside the doors of the capital, but it was kinda funny because it was SO windy that their signs couldn’t even be held up, ha!
My brother being the Historian that he is, informed us that the Texas Capital is actually taller than the White House’s tallest point. Pretty Cool! Just another reason that it is great to be a Texan!:)
It was nice to take Johnny because he is from Iowa & my hopes were that visiting the capital would help him feel more like a Texan! lol. He says he DOES!!
We went to the hula hut for dinner & then wandered around some fun places in Austin. It was kinda cold to wander around too much. We did visit West Elm! Love that store!
We then hung out one of my favorite coffee shops that I use to frequent way too often. There we played a very good round of Apples to Apples over yummy lattes. Really wish I would have drank coffee when I was in college, now I need an IV everyday.
I learned a new word, Plucky! Adventurous, Spirited, and Spunky. Who knew it that it is good to be a plucky person?????  :)
This weekend I got to visit my brothers apartment! My baby brother has an apartment! INSANE! Had to take a picture in his tidy room (my brother is seriously way more of a cleaner than I am)
Our last stop of the night, was Krispy Cream. Johnny heard there was one nearby & my brother and him were all about it. Seriously, my husband is too stinkin’ cute! He is just such a happy man that everyone that comes into contact with him becomes crazy happy too,. Proof, the employee was all smiles, even throwing some gangster signs for the picture, ha!
 It was so great to hang out with some of my favorite people!! It was wonderful to visit some of my favorite places & be in Austin on the anniversary of our engagement in the city we got engaged in. Kinda sweet :)
After our little day & a half of feeling slightly younger & refreshed we headed back to my parents to pick up my sweet little man. My mom & dad watched Noah & Abbey at the same time, BRAVE PEOPLE!! Those two together are CRAZY WILD! All they want to do is run around, chase each other, hug & tackle, laugh constantly, and yell with excitement all the while being so stinking adorable.
Seriously just love these little babies!
We had a great week/weekend! It was so great to see family & friends that we’ve missed! Hope everyone had a great Holiday as well!

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