Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Pinteresting Day: Easy Fruit Tarts

Fruit Tarts

Lately these little yummy bite sized fruit tarts are flooding Pinterest. My mom use to make these often when I was a kid.  Usually she would just make one big fruit pie but occasionally she would make them in bite sized rounds. 

I've been wanting to make these for a while and last Sunday night I decided to make them for our small group. Most of the recipes bouncing around Pinterest call for several ingredients and are most time consuming, including my mommas. I decided to skip a few steps to save a few calories and time.

Sugar Cookie Recipe 
1 stick of butter
cool whip
1 egg

Mix up your cookies, roll them into balls onto your cookie sheet (excuse my beaten up pans), and bake them for 9-10 minutes on 350 degrees. 

In the meantime while your cookies are cooling, cut and rinse your fruit. We happened to have everything I needed for these fruit tarts in my pantry, including a variety of fruit. If you don't have a variety of fruit in your fridge, just grab a few kiwi along with a carton of strawberries and call it a day. Use about 1/2 a tablespoon of cool whip per cookie & then top with fruit. 

These were incredibly easy and took less than an hour to make. I made almost 40 fruit tarts. Each tart was 31 calories. Not too bad ladies, not too bad.

Make Some & Enjoy. 



  1. Fruit tarts are one of my favorite desserts even though I don't have one very often!

  2. Me too! I love them but definitely do not have them enough.


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