Monday, March 26, 2012

Even Now

"But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask." Today I've been meditating on the prayer that Martha made to Jesus after her brother Lazarus had passed John 11:22.

Those two words, "even now" have captivated my heart today. Those words literally have jumped right out of the scripture & found a home in my heart. I love that the word is new every single day! I have read this passage so many times growing up but today those words are the breath I breathe & the song in my heart.
I just love Martha's faith. I love the woman that Martha was becoming in this moment. She is a woman who struggled with being distracted by tasks which kept her from enjoying moments in life. But on this day her faith stepped up to meet her in this moment. I am thankful, because her words are so powerful to me today.
I feel as if my life's journey as an adult has been an "even now" prayer. I look back at the various things in life that I have come through & wow, "even now" God is so faithful to have rescued me & set me in a place in life that was far from my imagination. I met & fell in love with my sweet man. Even now.

I was 8 months pregnant & the doctors were telling me that Noah's kidneys were several times larger than normal and he would need surgery right after delivery & would need a medical plan for a long time. 5/12/10 a perfectly healthy baby boy. Even now Lord.

It was a long haul with many hurdles to jump to graduate. 8/2011. I graduated. Even now. Our little family has made many sacrifices over the last few years & have trusted & put all of our faith in the Lord's hands. He is faithful & true. Even now. We moved so many times & even lived on the church property at one point. 12/25/2010. God gave us our precious little home to own. Even now.

In all the hard times He is always faithful and deserves every ounce of praise that is within me. The last few months my heart has been so full. Overflowing. I love this place of worship in life. I don't have it all together & find myself making mistakes but my heart is full because of the Lord. Even now when I don't know how to pray at times all the glory belongs to God. Even now as God grows dreams in my heart I am excited about what is to come. 


  1. Beautiful post. I never thought about it quite that way before, but you're so right..."even now" I can trust Him, no matter what "now" looks like. I love this.

    1. Thank you. Thats right, regardless of what the "now" looks like.


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