Friday, March 9, 2012

Yumminess for Your on This Chilly Day

Today I am excited to have my first guest blogger, Krystal! Have you ever met someone, known them for years, and find yourself often thinking, “Is this girl for real? Is she really THAT sweet?” That is my cousin, Krystal, who blogs over at The Waking & yes she is the sweetest lady around. Although she truly is a beautiful writer one of her many other talents is cooking. Today she graciously agreed to share a yummy recipe with us. Enjoy the Yumminess!

Hey readers of These Happy Times; so glad to be sharing a recipe with y’all today on my cousin’s lovely blog!

Is there anything better than some hot soup on a cold winter day? Though Tx winters tend to be pretty mild, on the occasion the temps drop below 60 degrees (fyi, this is what we Texans consider cold weather ;) ), it’s nice to get in the kitchen and make some soup. And we don’t have very many winter days left so let’s take advantage of them, shall we? This Santa Fe Chicken Fajita Soup became an instant favorite of mine and my families. It’s the perfect comfort food to keep you warm this winter!
Santa Fe Chicken Fajita Soup (Recipe found @

I found this lovely soup on Pinterest and made it for dinner on a chilly evening a couple weeks ago. It was so easy and quick to whip up, full of flavor, and made the house smell yummy! With chunks of grilled chicken, green pepper, red onion, two types of cheeses, plus fajita seasoning for an extra punch; you have a pot of creamy, cheesy chicken soup with a Mexican twist! Top it off with some avocado and tortilla strips and let it make your day warm and cozy!

2 packages Tyson’s Grilled/Ready chicken breasts
30oz of chicken broth
1 small green pepper
1 large red onion
16oz package of Velvetta Cheese
1 package Taco Bell Fajita Seasoning Mix
1 package of cream cheese
First, dice up your green pepper and red onion. Toss those in a skillet with some olive oil. Turn the heat on high to caramelize. Add a couple dashes of garlic powder for flavor.
In the meantime, cube up the Velvetta and soften the cream cheese.
When the onions/peppers are done, add the Velvetta, cream cheese, and chicken broth to the pan. Make sure to turn the heat down to medium-low or the cheese will burn just as fast as it melts
Once your mixture is smooth, add the Tyson’s chicken {cubed} and the fajita seasoning. Mix thoroughly and allow to simmer.
Then enjoy! (Serves 4-5)

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