Friday, March 9, 2012

Memories Made in the Wind

tuesday Noah & I played outside almost the entire day. My sweet friend Angela & her two little ones joined us for a while in the morning. Noah picked his FIRST FLOWER & as he gave it to me he said in his sweet little Noah voice, “Moooomaaa flooowerrr flower” My heart Melted! Loving these precious memories made in the wind. 

 Wednesday I cozied up in a comfy sweater on the back porch with my prayer journal, lap top to edit the blog & send hellos to friends i miss, my beloved coffee, and some music. By some music I really mean just listening to Audrey Assad’s albums. I can’t stop listening to her. Her lyrics are so beautiful & deep. Check her out!

 That morning Noah woke up with a random diaper rash (luckily only lasted one day) & in an effort to clear it up quickly I let him be free! Kinda, I wrapped his cute little self in a towel & brought him our new favorite snack as we watched Curious George.

Cheerios & Craisins are the STUFF! Seriously, it is so addicting. I can’t stop eating this stuff & with coffee its kinda a little piece of heaven. no joke. My mother in law got me addicted a few weeks ago.

Today was the not so fun day of the week. Last night I randomly started feeling very queasy & found myself throwing up for about an hour last night. Johnny had a tooth pulled yesterday & has not been feeling very well either. This afternoon I picked him up from church at lunch & quickly had to pull off the road as he began to throw up for what seemed like forever. Poor guy has been so sick this afternoon/night. Praying he wakes up feeling totally better. This weekend he has the honor & privilege of officiating a wedding for two very sweet students from our former student ministry. So, he needs to be feeling good soon!

My dinner date tonight. I made some very yummy chicken & potatoes. This was my view across the table.

This week has kinda felt like a vacation in some ways. For 10 hours each week I am blessed to have free time while Noah is at MDO. Free time to read books, journal, draw, paint, create, pray, listen to music, enjoy the fresh air, and drink lots of coffee. (I do throw in cleaning the house, catching up on laundry, and other more important things) Yesterday I started to feel a little guilty.

Today, that quickly went away when the nonsense of naptime with Noah began again. This week he fought like crazy to not take a nap. Today he won the battle. Cried for 1.5 hours & there was no nap to be had. This afternoon he threw a tantrum. YEP! Sweet little Noah. Big time tantrum in michaels. oh my. I just kept thinking in my head, “So, okay…. now I’m ‘that’ mom with the kid” HA! I really did smile & laugh out loud even as my kid was throwing a big fit! I carried his kicking & screaming self outside & loaded him into the yaris (as he kicked off one shoe & it landed under the car) and I just kept smiling thinking I’m thankful to be making this memory in the windy rainy afternoon.
Happy heart tonight.


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