Friday, April 27, 2012

Tutorial for DIY Jewelry Stand

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I made this jewelry stand For Me, the Bangles & Bracelets. I was running out of room for jewelry on the 1st jewelry holder I made & needed a place to put bangles.

I wanted the stand to be a reminder of God's faithfulness each morning when I get ready for the day. So I decided to take lyrics from a song I love by Audrey Assad & a favorite scripture (Jeremiah 29:13) to write out on the stand. Today I wanted to share how you can easily make one that is perfectly meaningful to you.
Materials Needed For Jewelry Stand:

E6000 Glue or Gorilla Glue

porcelain paint pen 150
2 pieces of printer paper
large porcelain plate
small porcelain plate

candle holder
tape (if you have some on hand)
small bowl
tea cup
damp paper towel

(I purchased the bowl, tea cup, plates, and candle holder from goodwill for under $3. Take a coupon to the craft store to pick up glue & a paint pen in your color of choice for about $5)

Deciding what you want to write on your stand is the hardest part. Once that is taken care of, it is smooth sailing from here on out. Next, take 2 pieces of computer paper & tape them together.  Place your large plate over the paper & trace around it. Play around with how & where to place your calligraphy skills (or in my case, the lack there of). 
Take your Porcelain Paint Pen 150 (found in any craft store) and practice writing with it a few times on paper. Once you feel comfortable go for it! Take your time and write the phrase out on the plate. If your like me, you might mess up a few times. Or 3, but whose counting? Just keep your damp paper towel next to you at all times incase this happens. 

Don't think that it has to be perfect. I am not the biggest fan of my hand-writing skills but guess what? It is mine & these words are meaningful to me. That is all that matters.
Repeat the steps above for your smaller plate & your tea cup. Free hand your own design & doodles on your tea cup or cut a piece of white computer paper the length & width of your cup to practice first. Don't be afraid to mess up, if you do just run to the sink and rinse it off quickly!

Then let your plates & tea cup sit for 24 hours to dry. Fight the urge to be antsy to get this project done & let everything sit for the full amount of time. The next day follow the baking instructions on the back of your porcelain pen. Once your items are baked & cooled off as directed you can move on to assembling your jewelry stand!

Grab your glue of choice, flip your bowl over, and apply glue along the edges & in the middle to the bottom of your bowl.  Take the bowl, center it up onto your small plate and press firmly (for a minute or two) holding them together. Take your Q-Tip if needed & wipe away glue. 
Apply glue to the bottom of your candle holder, center it up & firmly place it onto the large plate. Then here it comes, WAIT! Put both of these pieces in a safe place to dry for at least 6 hours. It's worth the wait friends.
All that is left is to glue the small plate to the tea cup. Let it dry for 6 hours. Then glue the tea cup to the large plate & let this dry for 6 hours. I know it is a lot of waiting around, but trust me it needs to dry totally so you don't have more mess ups & aggravation.
Hooray!! You now have a lovely jewelry stand to place in that perfect spot in your room to hold all of your bracelets, stud earrings, and necklaces. I had so much fun making this. In fact, these stands are addicting! I have been making them like crazy the last year.
 Hope you try this out & enjoy it!

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