Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Not So Pinteresting Day

If only I had been feeling like a normal functioning human being the last few days here are a few things  I probably would have made... 

Bottles Full of Light, Design Mom shared this tutorial I found via Pinterest to accomplish drilling through the jar. We finished our DIY Door to a Table in the backyard last week & are now working on ambiance to go with it. lol. Easy ambiance, Lights! We have a few ideas we are tossing around and this is one of them. We shall see.
Puffins by Bakerella! (Pancakes + Muffins) Don't these look so fun & would make such a fun treat? Plus my very picky toddler loves muffins so this is a win win. They would probably freeze pretty well too. 
Spinach Quiche. I found, Just a Spoonful Of's blog last week & it is full of yummy recipes that look doable & amazing.  Go check them out! My mom & I shared a piece of quiche this weekend while at the hospital when my dad was resting, ever since I have been wanting to make a quiche. 

.... but I did not brave the kitchen or the craft room. Instead on Saturday I got home from a quick trip to be with my parents (I'll fill ya in on that later) at 5 pm went to sleep, basically until Sunday at 4 pm. So thankful for my sweet man who loves me & is dad of the year! For real, he is. I do not know of any man that has voluntarily watched his toddler all by his lonesome and taken him to work with him for 5 days so his wife could be with her family 4 hours away & then let her peacefully recover from (what I believe was) the flu. Love you boy. It has been a rough last 8 days, praying tomorrow is a new beginning in many ways.

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