Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello Friends. 

Life has kinda been throwing me some surprises over the last 2 weeks & last Monday was no different with a phone call from my dad. He called to tell me that while going to his doctor for a pre-checkup for a minor surgery he was about to have he was informed that he had a lot of blockage in one of the arteries in his heart. He went on to tell me that on Thursday he would have a heart-cath that would most likely lead to a by pass because of the blockage found. To be honest, in my mind I am thinking, for real God? Right now, with everything else going on? After this very selfish thought it was followed by, Okay, so this will be the first hurdle to jump right now.

Immediately, all of our family & friends & myself chose not to accept these test results. That sounds kinda bold, but when you've been given horrible test results many times before, you know the one place to turn to. This is the great thing about belonging to Jesus Christ is that we know about the power of prayer and that we are saved & healed in His name. And when you know & experience the power of Jesus once, that is all you need. It is enough.

I wanted to make the trip to be with my parents during this time because it was impossible for either my brother or sister to make it. So, fortunately, Johnny was able to keep Noah for me (making the trip so much easier, thank you honey) and I drove down Wednesday. Even in the circumstance, it was nice spending time with just my parents & myself. Although most people might be worried & fretting the 3 of us were cracking jokes, watching ridiculous old sitcoms, my dad and I were singing songs we had recently written to one another, and we all stayed up far too late. The next morning at 5 am we drove to Houston & my dad went in for his procedure around 9 am. 

Right after he went back I re-read this from the book, The Circle Maker, "The more opposition we experience the harder we have to pray, and the harder we have to pray the more miracles God does." Kinda perfect timing for the last 2 weeks I've had. The nurse wheeled my dad back into the room 40 minutes later, with an all clear. The doctor quickly followed up with, "There was no blockage in that artery, at all, I guess the test was wrong." Ha. I believe the test was accurate, but I know God intervened. I believe this is just the first of many more miracles to come this year. Love the promises of the Lord. Healing is just one. 


  1. Oh. my. goodness.
    Prayer is powerful.
    & God is so very good.
    This made my heart oh-so happy this morning!!

    much love, friend.

    1. So powerful! I am always amazed at His goodness.

  2. Ok so I have been reading a few of your posts, and Im very inspired! I lost my mother to cancer in october, and my dad to cancer/ a broken heart April 3rd. Sometimes its hard to exist and feel normal but you just have to keep praying! Thank you for reminding us all what faith can do!

    1. I'm glad to be of some encouragement. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is very difficult to keep praying at times when (personally) I feel like I may not be getting the answer I was hoping for through praying. I love the words that you used, "it's hard to exist and feel normal but you have to keep praying" that is so true! Honestly, that is exactly how I am feeling about other things I am continuing to pray for in life right now. I'm reminding myself that sometimes its okay to not pray, but instead to let the Lord hold me in hard times. Thanks for saying hello & encouraging me today.


Always Enjoy Hearing From You.

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