Thursday, May 3, 2012

Helicopters, Wrestling, & Puffins (Oh My)

On Monday I was still not feeling the best so Noah & I lounged around the house most of the day. He's CRAZY over helicopters. A few days ago I loaded my toddler in the car along with this helicopter and the remote controller. The helicopter was dead when I gave it to him, 5 minutes later while in traffic I hear him say, "Momma, I charge it, k?" Followed by the sound of the helicopter flying around the car! Seriously!? This helicopter is the real deal (thanks uncle Mikey) and is dangerous. Two seconds later we are in the ditch and I'm jumping out of the car to grab the remote from him. I had no clue he knew how to charge it. As I recuperated in the front seat Noah says, 
"Momma, cooool!"Oh my!

By the end of the day on Tuesday, I was so happy to see my husband walk through the door at 5:30. It had been a long day of trying to get caught up on housework from being sick & trying to handle tantrums from this little guy. He's so precious but man, he is so full of personality, opinions, and energy. Although I wasn't feeling well & he had a few more meltdowns than usual he still made me feel loved by his little self & got me laughing so much on Tuesday!

It is the usual routine for Johnny to wrestle around with Noah after work. Wednesday evening I snapped a few pictures. They are crazy about each other & this makes my heart so happy every single day.

Thursday. Today we have 
been on the go-go-go around the house.

This morning Noah decided he needed to wear his boots. I love my little Texas baby! He is pretty cute in a long sleeve nighty shirt, a diaper, and boots. 

This morning I made the Puffins from Bakerella. They really are yummy & the batter smelt amazing with the maple syrup that goes in them. The only thing I would do differently is double the batch. Noah eats about 4 of these little muffins at a time. I was hoping to have some to freeze, so I'll probably make some more in a few days.

I am praying that today I start feeling totally like myself. I can't handle too much more of feeling under the weather. Plus, today I am making Thanksgiving for Dinner. 
Seriously, I am. We are having friends over to enjoy some yummy food. I'm hoping to use my new cute ramekins too!

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