Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Weekend

Noah with Uncle Mike & daddy. Mike came up to play in the golf tournament. Noah loved him being here! Johnny & I enjoyed it too.
Check out my little cowboy. Noah wore his boots to church, but unfortunately his feet are STILL too small for them. The boots stayed in my purse during church because they kept falling off.

LFA had such a beautiful time with the Lord this morning. Really loving where God is taking our church. Can't wait to see what is next for us. Every Sunday after church this is what my favorite boys do (below). 
While they do that I blog.
The last few weeks have been kinda crazy around here. Johnny was pretty busy with Easter preparation. Also, this year he took over the reigns for the the golf tournament benefiting Mission of Hope Haiti. The tournament was Saturday. He's been on the go the last 3 weeks. So, Noah & I have been missing him. I went out to the golf tournament for a little bit on Saturday with Noah. My little man loved being out there but was extremely unhappy when we left. He cried & screamed for an hour afterwards. Finally cried himself to sleep. Crazy!

To help with the craziness what did I do? I made a cake. Why? Because baking makes things better. Or at least distracts me & makes the tantrums a little less noticeable. Baking is stress free when you cheat & use a box cake mix. I used 1 white & 1 red velvet. I actually made 5 thin round cakes but only used two layers for this to make it more calorie friendly. Freeze the other 3 cakes or toss them, up to you. I'll call this cake Red Velvet Strawberry Chocolate Delight, because that is what it is! Easy & Delightful to make.

Red Velvet Strawberry Chocolate Delight
1 red velvet cake mix
1 white cake mix
(ingredients p/cake mix)
light cool white
1/2 a chocolate bar 

Make the cake mix as directed. Bake in pans of your choice. Let cool. Add layer of light whip cream, strawberries, few pieces of shaved chocolate, then top off with another layer of cake & toppings. If your calorie conscience is asking if this is ok to eat, it is. Cut the cake in very small slices & it will be about 200 calories a slice. 

Enjoy a piece & then give the rest away (this is what I will be doing tomorrow). 


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