Friday, May 18, 2012

New Habits, Slight Addiction, and Recipes

On Monday morning I started Live Dead. So far, it has been amazing & challenging. The book is composed of missionaries sharing their hearts & inspiring others to dig deeper into the word of God & deeper into who we are in His eyes. Every day for 30 days there is a devotion, along with scripture reading, a prompt to journal a little something about, and a challenge. 

On Day 2, one of the missionaries discussed in the picture above how modern Christians struggle with the desire to sell all they got & move to remote places of the world to spread the Gospel or to stay here in America in the land of milk and honey. The truth is that God knows our hearts, sees where we are, and we just have to find freedom in the season of life we are in. Plus, guess what? There are people right where we are who either don't know the gospel or perhaps have a big misunderstanding of the good news and the God who loves them.
 This book is challenging because of the commitment it ask us to make. The commitment is to tithe about 3 hours of my day to the Lord. The breakdown of time is suggested to be spent in prayer, worship, memorizing scriptures, hour of reading the word, and completing the devotion. This is challenging with a 2 year old little boy who demands his momma's attention 24/7. Mothers Day Out has 2 more days left so I am learning ways to be creative. While doing laundry, tiding up kitchen, and watching Noah run around outside I can be praying & worshiping. God knows the stage of life I am in and he simply just wants more of my time to be given to him instead of to pinterest, crafts, and drawsome. So while Noah is playing with his toys for 15 minutes here or dinner is in the oven for 20 minutes I can get my nose in the world. Not gonna lie Wednesday I did not reach the 3 hours. That isn't the point, the point is to give more of me to the Lord. 
On Monday night after coffee with some sweet ladies at Java after Jammies I came home to this! Ha. Johnny playing xbox live with our friend Andrew. Angela (Andrew's wife) sent me a text saying we should have stayed at Starbucks longer since they were hanging out too. ha! Daddy's need down time too :)
On Wednesday Johnny & I went out to celebrate our 3 year anniversary (hence the 3 yr gang sign above) with an amazing sushi lunch. The problem with me eating sushi is that I want it every single day! Need to learn to make sushi!
 Fun fortunes from our fortune cookies. I don't believe in these little pieces of paper but they are always so fun to open and share what is written on them with each other. 
Plus I loved both of ours!
After lunch we headed to pick up our little man from MDO. He loves it! I'm glad.
Okay, so in this blender is what I like to call, the crack dip!! No joke, this stuff is out of control good! There is a mexican chain restaurant in Texas called Chuy's and they have a jalapeno dip that is out of this world. Pinterest has come to our rescue to provide a copycat recipe here that is amazing! The only thing I did differently was leave out a little of the green chillies (bc the 1st batch was too hot) and I used 1/2 the fat mayo. The taste is still as addicting but you lose about 150 calories per serving. It is unreal kinda good. You gotta try it!

Today I made these yummy Southwestern Eggrolls from the Budget Savy Diva. They are wonderful. Only thing I did differently was used 1/4 cup of cheese instead of 2 cups and left out 1/4 cup of beans for the entire batch & I used Pam Spray to coat the egg rolls before going into oven instead of olive oil.  These few changes makes them much lighter for us gals looking to save calories every chance we can & do not change the taste one bit. 

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  1. Thanks for the comment:) I can't wait to read this book! Thanks for the suggestion:) Love Katie

  2. Awesome post :) It is good to have fun and be with friends. Goof food is always nice to! :)Thanks for linking up on Successful Saturdays!


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