Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life as the Wife

Do you ever just feel like you could be doing better? 
Better at life? Better at being you?
I do. 

A list of the things I would like to be better at: 
strengthening my prayer life
daughter ( & daughter in law)
house keeper 

Truthfully I do not think there is anything wrong with desiring to be better in areas of our lives. Personally, do I think I am bad at any of these? Honestly, no. Rather these are the areas in life that I am constantly active in. I do believe it is vital to desire to grow. To live better. Become better. To be careful not to become complacent. I don't need to be a master or be the best but I do want to continue to grow as a person in all things. Especially in the areas of life that directly affect who I am becoming. My heart is to become exactly the woman God has called me to be. In order to be sure this happens I have to understand that these are the everyday areas of life that do not always come easy for me. In fact believe it or not (ha) I usually fail at each of them throughout the week. I have given up on the idea that that will ever change. Also, I have given up on the idea that I will ever one day master these but I do know that I will never give up on growing in these areas. As a woman, wife, and stay-at-home momma these are the areas that sin can sneak up into my heart via my attitude & complacency. 

Over the next few weeks I want to share a few little ways I try to be better in these areas of my life. Today.... 

Life as the Wife:
Do you see this man? I love this man with my whole heart. I still get butterflies on a weekly basis when he is coming home from work. Most days, I try my hardest to look half-way like the woman he first met & was attracted to by throwing some decent looking clothes on & smearing some makeup on my face before he walks through the door. Why? Because He wants me to? Nope. Honestly, he says he loves me in his t shirt & shorts with my hair in a pony tail and no make up on. HOWEVER, if I put something cute on and comb my hair at the end of a long day with my toddler (when all I really want to do is be in frumpy clothes, complain about the tantrums, ask him to help with chores & pass him my cranky kid) I will get to see that cute flirtatious smile come across his face & receive a quick up-down glance that reminds me of our dating days. Now do I manage to do this every day of the week, ummm no! But I do make a conscious effort to be better at it because I know it is good for us. Me & Him. Shows him that I care without saying anything. Lets him know that I still think he is sexy & want to look cute for him. Plus all the grumpy things I may want to blurt out to him go away (including bitterness that tries to sneak in) when we are saying "Hello" instead of me nit-picking. Also, it is fun. Try it!!

House Keeper (& Mommy):

Yesterday in less than 30 minutes my 2 year old tore up our living room. The house was totally cleaned up when He got home from school & half an hour later it looked like above. And that is okay. Why? Because I don't feel it is important to constantly pick up after him every step of the way. I want to enjoy being his momma & I want him to have memories of us playing together and not of his momma constantly cleaning. I did pick up the cheerios because those could get smooched into the carpet. 

Instead, every evening I be sure to pick up all the toys, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and hopefully wipe off anything on the countertop. This way when we wake up the house starts off tidy. That way I only spend about an hour cleaning up beds, bathrooms, starting laundry and cleaning up breakfast verses doing all of this plus everything from the day before.

Here is to being totally open with everyone here on my blog... much to my mothers horror I'm sure here is my number one struggle in life: Laundry! 
yes thats a suitcase, I had just returned from Brenham & to 5 loads of laundry to put away.

my child grabbed a basket and climbed in, no joke! 

This is what laundry at my house had a tendency to look like a month ago. Every 2 weeks it got like this because I could not keep up with it. Our laundry room is outside so it is a lot more effort to go do it & to be honest out of sight out of mind. I forget!!! Plus, I love my husband but baby, you know this, 70% of the dirty laundry is yours. True story. He will admit it. 3 times a day this man changes clothes! The last month this has gotten 100 x's better because each morning I do 2 loads & put 2 loads a way. I make a choice to do better. While I'm cleaning I worship, pray, and sing songs with my little boy. 

Don't misunderstand me, I try to do better but that will not always happen. I have given up on that. I'm at peace with that. So is the floor always swept & the leather couches always wiped down? Um, No way. Now, do I always load the dishwasher every single night? Nope. Sure don't. But I do try to be better & push myself to do it. Why? Because I'm at a stage in life that I want my house to be open for other mommas & their kiddos to feel welcomed to come over & fellowship with us at any time. I enjoy it! We also like to have friends over randomly during the week for dinner, so I don't want to be worried about my house being a total wreck. I understand that my house is our home, so it will looked lived in. I want to honor God in all areas of my life. Even in keeping a welcoming home. Also, I want to honor my husband as he works to provide for our family I want to in return make a genuine effort to keep up with house work. I am blessed to have a husband that does so much & has never once asked me to do any housework (even when it is not done). 

Lately, the Lord has encouraged me to grow in these areas of life & to share them with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Thursday!

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  1. great thoughts! Such an inspiration!

  2. I am always trying to do a little better, with out being a perfectionist. Hard line to wak sometimes - but I love the way you write about it. Beautiful.


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