Thursday, July 12, 2012

Almost Ready to Go

To be honest, last night was very difficult for me. I am so excited about going on this trip, my heart is already stirring because the Lord is already speaking to me. However, at the same time my heart is so sad over leaving my little Noah while on the trip. I know he is in the best hands with grandparents but still it is difficult. 

Last night we got home from church pretty late but I just didn't want to put Noah to sleep. Johnny was still at the church getting stuff done for the week since he will not be in the office. So it was just Noah & I hanging out before bedtime. I got him dressed in his pj's & then we had a long conversation. Seriously, it was just so precious. Randomly Noah spotted a tiny bug bite on my face & said "mommy, you have a boo boo" "I pray" and then he proceeds to lay one hand on my boo boo as he bows his head & closes his eyes to pray for me. This sent me over the edge because his little prayer was so pure & he genuinely was praying. Of course, I started to cry. Noah then asked me, "Mommy, why you crying?" as he pats me on the back & gives me a big hug while telling me "mommy its okay, its okay, no crying." 

I seriously cried for like 3 hours last night. The enemy was trying hard to get to me & I was letting him. I was so emotionally tired that I went to sleep without packing or doing anything I needed to do for the trip. Making this evening so chaotic. 

Last night I asked for friends to pray with me as we leave Noah. Praise the Lord this morning was such a sweet time hanging out with our little guy over breakfast & I truly have not cried once today over it. Love how the Lord swoops in to take all the worry, fear, anxiety, and stress away. He's faithful like that! 

We leave for Dallas at 7 pm & it is now 5:15 & I still have stuff I've got to get done.


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  1. That's the sweetest story! I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave him but glad that you've got peace about it now. Hope y'all have a safe trip, looking forward to reading about all the amazing things God's going to do! :)


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