Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, that MOM!

Originally posted here on February 20, 2012.

Lately I feel like, THAT Mom. THAT Wife. You know the one I’m talking about… the mom/wife that is always doing things differently, is often late, forgets things, and her house is always messy (far from perfect).
The other day I did a “THAT mom” thing and for a split second got slightly frustrated with myself & then totally started cracking up laughing, in my car, with Noah looking at me like I was nuts offering his pacifier in exchange for me to stop laughing uncontrollably. ha!
The truth is, I am that person. Totally me. I accept. I am THAT mom/wife. I was in a craft store today and was having a struggle with my coin purse. The lady behind the counter just started to laugh. I apologized to the not so happy people in line behind me & to the cashier saying, “I tend to have many moments like this, but they pass” and she says “you are quirky, its okay” A had a bit of an, “OH ~ that explains things” kinda moment. It is so true. Explains a lot of things in life for me.
Perhaps this is why Noah & I rarely wear two matching socks, his hair often looks a mess because I used the wrong hair gel, I lit the burner cover on fire while making tea, overslept by 2 1/2 hours on a Sunday morning & missed sunday school & worship (when my own husband is on the pastoral staff), put 3 diapers in Noah’s MDO bag and he is suppose to have 4, bring the class valentines party favors the day AFTER the PARTY (whoops… ps look how cute they were)
give my toddler an ice cream cone (big mess) on a long car ride, chronically late dropping Noah off @ MDO, play all day outside with Noah grab a quick shower & while enjoying coffee at Java after Jammies look down to realize I have paint & mud in my nails, there is often gold fish crackers somewhere on the rug, the kitchen floor is probably sticky in more than one spot, I often climb into the back seat of the tiny yaris to put noah in his seat & get tangled in the buckle straps then almost fall out of the car, take nyquil instead of dayquil, laundry never FAILS to pile up by the end of each week, and my hair often looks messy.
The list of these moments go on & ON & ON! My close friends often get much more embarrassing text informing them of the moments I have during my week.
HA! Looked up the definition & this is what I got
something that is strange/not normal but cool
Wearing long stripy socks that are odd…
However, now I am aware that I am “quirky” and the biggest plus is that I am totally and completely okay with being this way. God loves me for me. In all my quirkiness He still accepts me & that is really all that matters. Regardless of what kind of wife/mom the world might try to convince me that I should be, its all good, because I am me. So thankful for a husband who totally appreciates these things about me. Seriously, I really think he does. Or at he values a good laugh. 

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