Monday, July 9, 2012

Puppy Love

Um, Yes that is a PINK building! Kinda fun huh? I went to get my hair done today here.  
  This place is pretty fun. It is nearly head-to-toe PINK! There is glitter covering every wall & pink pink pink everything! Funky for sure! :)

Anyhoo. So a few weeks ago we were given a dog, a little yorkie, from some friends from church who were looking for a good home for her. Something you should know about me, I'm not a dog person! I've always wanted to be, but I'm just not. My dad isn't a dog person & my mom & us kids tried to get a dog a couple of times growing up but my dad never wanted it inside, so we always ended up passing the dog along to someone else. ha. 

Not gonna lie, the first 2 weeks I majorly vocalized how stinky she was when she came back inside from being out. And was probably kinda annoying my husband a bit about the complaining of the stinkiness. lol. However, we are now under agreement to bath her every 2 days. Eliminating the stinky outside dog smell! So to everyones surprise (me included) I've majorly come around to this little puppy. She's pretty sweet & just wants to be held all the time. Plus, Noah loves her. Noahs reaction to 1st seeing her....

Although Noah loves this little puppy he doesn't quite understand that he can't just pick her up and play with her like the woody doll. Below is what the first two weeks with the puppy were like around here... accompanied by me throwing variations of the phrases around, "No, Noah, No! Don't grab her neck, No Noah you can't just push her off the couch! No, baby you can't grab her tail" all day long!
(the picture is so blurred bc i was dropping my phone to help the puppy get away from Noah)
Oh my. Thankfully we have come along way. The puppy is no longer scared of Noah & willingly goes to him. Plus I really love her now too! Johnny is a happy camper too because he's wanted a dog for some time now.
Happy Monday!

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