Sunday, July 8, 2012

Over Coffee

 This afternoon I'm linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches for coffee! This lady is just the sweetest & her blog is a new favorite of mine. I was blessed to get to chat with her & some other sweet ladies a few weeks ago, here

So if we were sitting across the table chatting right now I would be sharing with you that I'm in LOVE with hoop art. It is so fun & addicting. I've made three so far & sketched out a few more to make soon. 

You might say, I've had the crafting bug this last week.
I made a chalkboard sign & two pieces of hoop art for Noah's room. 
Another one because they are just so cheerful!

SO, This time next week, I will be in Haiti! My heart is so excited & my feet are ready to hit the ground running! Can not wait! Keep us in your prayers, pray we beat the heat!

If you were across from me, I would probably be sharing with you about how fun my date with my Noah was on Friday morning! Johnny was helping run sound for a wedding at the church so I figured I'd take Noah out. I rarely go to eat just Noah & I, but it will definitely we a tradition! It was the best! He did great. It was so quiet. Honestly, I was surprised. You've got to try it out if your a momma!

I would definitely be telling you all about how much I love our creator! And how thankful I am for She Reads Truth. If you don't know about it yet, Lady, you've got to get involved, click here

I love the word. I love that it is fresh & new each time I read it. Even when I've read a verse many times before, God makes it new to my heart. I encourage you to try out scripture doodling. You will not be disappointed. 

Happy Sunday Friends!
Heading outside with my two guys to play in the water!


  1. YAY for Haiti next week. Friend you are going to bless the socks off of everyone you come in contact with I just know it. I have chills writing this head to toe, the Holy Spirit is going to move through you and your husband while you are there and he is going to help you take kingdoms for him. Keep your eyes on him and he will strengthen you and guide you during your trip. Be blessed my friend!!

    1. Thanks Alissa! Your words of encouragement were exactly what I needed this morning. We are so excited & ready to go but getting ready to go has been slightly overwhelming. Thanks friend!

  2. Hey! I found your blog from Rags to Stitches coffee date link up! What fun blog you have! I love all of the hoops you have been doing! They are all so fun! :-)

    1. Hey! Thanks lady! Seriously, I'm so addicted to making the hoops. I think my husband thinks I've got a problem. ha! jk.


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