Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stepping Out

As you know Johnny & I are going to Haiti next month. My heart is so thankful that God is making a way for us to GO! We still have a few hundred dollars to raise but I know He will provide. I've mentioned here that I wrestled with the Lord about going on this trip. It wasn't that I didn't feel the Lord speaking to me about going, because I did from day one. Instead there were things I was afraid of, such as leaving Noah that long & being out of my comfort zone that caused me to doubt going. 

To be honest with you, more than anything I was worried about stepping out. I kept thinking, what if I obey this overwhelming feeling that God wants me to go to Haiti and then I don't raise the money, or my passport doesn't come in on time, or something comes up and I can't go. After a week of these thoughts I made the choice to totally step out in faith. 

God has truly never let me down. Not once. Not a single promise has gone unfulfilled by the Lord. Never. Honestly, I don't understand why as a believer, who has literally seen the Lord work in my life in times that seem far more impossible than financial situations, I still doubt him from time to time? The goodness of the Lord in my life is incredible. I would be here for forever sharing every beautiful promise he has fulfilled in my life.

Stepping out in faith is hard. For me truly stepping out means not worrying, not doubting, and not playing all the what-ifs out in your mind. To me, truly stepping out in faith is having complete confidence in the Lord. My prayer is that I get to the place with the Lord that in EVERY situation I automatically place this complete faith in him.

I've been walking with the Lord for my entire life, so I can say that my faith is automatic in some situations in life. This in no way means that I have it all figured out and never have hiccups in my relationship with the Lord. I'm human, so of course I get it wrong (a lot). My prayer is that the Lord grows my faith to be automatic in ALL situations as they arise. 

Lately, I'm excited about many things that are coming up in my life, my families life, and in ministry. I'm excited about where the Lord is growing and taking me. I am learning to place complete confidence in all of these areas. 

Today are you placing complete confidence in situations that seem impossible?

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