Monday, June 18, 2012

All Good Things

This week is filled with tons of good things. Things that I am excited about!  This weekend we are having a little family party for Noah. My sister in law & her 2 little girls are visiting from Texas. Happy to see them.  
Tonight I get to hang out with some sweet ladies over coffee at Starbucks at Java after Jammie's. This past year I started this group as a way to have a break in the week for ladies to get together, outta the house, have coffee & get to know each other every Monday night. 

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Passports came in the mail this weekend. A good thing. A God thing. I ordered mine incredibly late & it came in in two weeks with no extra expediting fees. We are still selling T-Shirts to raise money to make the trip possible to Haiti. Love seeing God pull it all together. Believing for the fund. If you would like to purchase a shirt please click the link above. Also, this week I am adding more items to my etsy shop. Anything purchased from my shop will directly fund our trip. I hope to have all new items listed by Tuesday night!
This mornings devotion in Live Dead, Day 20. WOW. All I gotta say is that God is really stretching me. Although, I have not been reading every single day for the last month like I had hoped, the Lord is still blessing & I love that my prayer life is more than it has ever been. My prayer is that with every day in each year, it becomes more than the year before. Challenge for a life time.

Another good thing. My little boy. Lately, his attitude has been extremely overwhelming for his momma at times but I know Noah is learning a lot right now. Such as how to obey my words, listen to my voice, and follow through with the discipline I share with him. Hmmm... Doesn't that sound kinda familiar with what God is trying to teach all of us in life? Pretty much the story in my life. Sometimes when the Lord shares a new challenge with me or when I want something to go a certain way, different than His plan, he is always faithful to love me even when I throw a fit about it first. I am thankful for all good things that I learn & am reminded of from being a mommy to this little boy. 
Allowing the den/play room to look like this & not feel one ounce of guilt about it. A good thing. 
My friend Angela brought her two little ones to church today too. Noah & Ellie found some fun toys in Johnny's office. I really enjoy hanging out at the church, think I'll make more of a habit to come up during the week for an hour or so to let Noah see Johnny for a bit. Plus on days like today, when discipline is a struggle, it is a nice break in my day. 

One last good thing, dinner with my man. Making some easy dinner tonight, turkey & cheese hot rolls! Then coffee with some ladies! Happy Monday Night!


  1. I love the idea of having coffee with other ladies for a little break...I may have to copy that idea!

    1. Yes it has been so great! You should totally copy it!


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