Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day! A Recipe from My Man to Yours

Love my hubby's face in this picture. Think he liked the card we got for him!
 After church today Noah & I made it home fast (bc he was throwing a tantrum, evidence above) to build the fort in the living room to hide in & then surprised Johnny with a card & a new button up. 
He liked it ;)
So, the plan was to have sushi @ our favorite Japanese Restaurant in town for lunch BUT I called & apparently they are closed on Sundays, whoops. So I bought the ingredients for one of Johnny's favorite things to eat, Crab Won Tons. We also had shrimp with it. Now, it is fathers day but Johnny totally enjoys cooking these so he made them & I snapped some pictures to share this easy recipe.

To make Crab Won Tons You Need: 
A can of crab meat (find it next to the Tuna in the store) 
one package of won ton wrappers (next to the bags of salad) 
one package of cream cheese
*we added chives, but it isn't necessary*

Open your crab meat, grab a kitchen towel you don't mind getting icky, flip the crab meat (over the sink) into the towel, and drain the can leaving just the meat in the towel. I'm aware this seems kinda icky, but it is the method that seems to work best. 
Mix your cream cheese & crab meat together making sure to get the cream cheese smooth. Add some chives if you'd like. 
Grab a cup of water & a cutting board (or any flat surface)

Lay your won ton wrappers out on the cutting board & place about 1 tbs of crab mix into the center of the won ton. Then dip a finger into the water to wet all the sides of the wrappers. Then bring the corners of the wrappers in the middle above the crab mixture. Check out my hubby above if you need some help with this step.
Ta-Da, you have a cute little won ton pouch filled with the crab mixture. We only made half of the mixture for lunch and put half of it in the fridge for another day. 
Now, unfortunately we did not spray these with pam & bake them at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes (until golden brown). Nope, it is fathers day so Johnny we chose to fry them because that was the desire of my mans sweet heart. Either way they are yummy. Obviously baking them means they are much healthier & seriously just as yummy!  
Happy Fathers Day! All you lovely ladies make sure to make your man feel extra special today & the rest of the week. I am so blessed to have a man that loves Jesus, is such a wonderful husband to me, and a hands on-inredible father to our little guy. Happy Fathers Day!

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  1. AWW! I loved the photos of your guys, Britt!
    So sweet. :)


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