Friday, June 15, 2012

A Whole Lotta Week

Hey Friends. This week has been a weird one. Ever had one of those weeks that just feels off & not quite right? Well, this was that week. I got home from visiting family on Saturday last week & Sunday morning woke up feeling horrible and stayed in bed most of that day. Monday I did throw my hair in a bun & drugged myself up on Dayquil to have coffee with some sweet ladies. So glad I did that! I also made a few pieces of jewelry for my etsy shop. Can't wait to share more pictures of more lovely pieces to come!
 Tuesday came & I think the bed pretty much held me hostage all day. During that time I may or may not have watched Bridget Jones Diary & ate Tai Pei (just for the noodles) in bed. For some odd reason the only thing that sounded good to me was chocolate chip cookies & lo mein. (nope not preggo) I love this movie but I always fall asleep while watching it. So it was the perfect remedy considering I had a hard time falling asleep on my own. 

Wednesday came & I still felt bad but nothing like Tuesday. Went grocery shopping & even managed to make baked potatoes in the crockpot (so easy, who knew??) Pinterest convinced me to wrap potatoes in foil and leave them in the slow cooker for 4 hours providing me with easy dinner, cleanup, and a cool house before church.

My boys built a fort this week & this is the primary place Noah has been this week. So cute. Thursday my house finally got cleaned & I'm not gonna lie the television was totally my child's babysitter that day. I make an effort to not allow him to watch tv too often while at home, but Thursday was food pantry & we were having friends over for dinner and I needed some free child care. Thanks Little Bill & Little Bear.

Our church has an incredible food pantry program for members of the community who need some help with groceries once a month. There are some amazing people who serve & run the food pantry at our church. Johnny & I were really excited to get involved when we first moved here but to be honest I quit going after the first few months we were here. I don't have anyone to watch Noah & it is impossible to be of any help to them so I stopped going. I was totally in the way more than I was helping. Our college small group & Johnny are faithful in serving on Thursdays so I always am a little jealous not to be there. So, I have decided that I may not be able to actually help, but I enjoy going for the service & worship so from now on Noah & I will there for that. Perhaps as Noah gets older it may become possible for me to help. Plus Noah enjoyed watching his daddy lead worship.

Today has been pretty go thus far.Had lunch with a good friend & went shopping for curtains. Hope your Friday is going well. See ya soon!

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