Thursday, August 2, 2012

Design Dilemma, Help Please!

Oh my goodness. The last two days while Noah's slept I've spent cleaning & organizing, so right now I'm blogging while I take a break. 

So we've lived in our house about a year & a half. Slowly we have purchased & been blessed with furniture for the empty sitting room, den, kitchen, and bedrooms. We basically had our beds & one couch when we moved in. ha! We lived in an apartment before purchasing a home & didn't have too much stuff. The stuff we did have was what I had in college & Johnny's bachelor pad stuff. So not much. We have enjoyed slowly making the house our home with stuff that we love, DIY'ed, & have decorated in our style EXCEPT one room. This bedroom.... the messy one I've been in & out of the last few days...  
Big gulp as you look at this room! lol This is the room that no one really sees unless you are a guest in our home & we stick you back there to sleep at night. If you are a guest, you get to endure the catch all room. This room offers decor on the walls (see above) that we strongly dislike, mismatched quilts & pillows on the bed, a pub style table, and furniture that we like but want to paint that holds ALL 
of my craft, paints, & Etsy shop lovelies.  

Sadly, we have subjected all of our guest to this room. We have guest often because we live about 5 hours away from our family & best friends. 
This room is usually pretty tidy (see above) BUT the week we left for Haiti was just insane with projects I had going on, shop orders & side orders, and this is where we put everything for our trip. This room has been a wreck for about 3 weeks. Now I don't just want to clean it I want to do something with it in regards to decorating! 

Here is the dilemma. This room will turn into either Noah's room or our next child's room (not pregnant yet but might start trying soon). So I do not intend to spend much $$ decorating because soon enough it will be one of our children's room. This makes it a little tricky because I need fairly neutral decor. The room is fairly large so I have room for the stuff we have but just need ideas. Any suggestions for color schemes, storage ideas, or anything??? 

So now you've seen the before pictures & hopefully in a few weeks I can show you the afters. I'm serious about being open for suggestions! I'll take whatever ya got! For some reason, I'm really struggling with this room.


  1. Get on it is nothing but color pallets! They are amazing, and great to help keep your colors connected.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I really wish I could help but 1. I have no design/style ability in the LEAST (i'm sure if I gave you ideas they would be mismatched & tacky, haha!) 2. I have the SAME PROBLEM right now! Our spare bedroom is a catch all as well and I have been looking for ideas to spruce it up (it's a huge eye sore!) So, if you get any good tips, let me know ;)


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