Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pas un Bon Jour

Pas un Bon Jour
Translating, yesterday...
was not a good day. 

Noah woke up a bit earlier than usual & in a funky mood which was quickly putting me in a bad mood. I decided to combat that by getting us both dressed & outta the house by 9 am. Grabbed Noah a doughnut, my coffee, & headed to where else? Target! Of course.
 I returned these shoes...
for these.
same clearance price & cuter. not gonna lie, this lady needed a new pair of shoes. sandals more than anything. although, I am positive you will still catch me wearing the old ones. sorry babe, who really dislikes my sandal choices. 

After exchanging the shoes, I wandered around Target for way too long somehow resisting the urge to buy things I didn't need.
 (Thats an accomplishment in itself.) 

Then this is when the day really started to go down hill.Fast. 
On the way home Noah had such a big melt down about wanting to go to the church to see daddy. Normally, I would have gladly gone but I knew that Johnny was busy & I didn't want to interrupt. Oh my, his little attitude was out of control for a bit. All of the sudden we were home, eating lunch, & in a bad mood by 11:30. 

I love my sweet little boy so very much, but yesterday I literally had to keep making the choice to not get frustrated. to stay calm as he continued to be defiant & in a crummy mood. I had to continue to remember that as the mommy, I set the tone for the day, not my son. This is always the most difficult thing for me to remember during a rough day. 

I set the tone. 
I choose joy. 
Honestly, I failed to remember this yesterday 
& let most of the day get by being kinda crummy.
Nap time rolled around & Noah wasn't having it. I'm usually not that sleepy, but of course today I was out of it. So the puppy & I snuggled up for a nap while Noah wandered around the living room. I didn't mean to fall asleep, but it just kept happening. whoops!
After a few more tantrums & time outs Noah crawled up in my lap a little after 4 pm & passed out.
Long day.
 Late nap.

Wish I could say that we had a fun filled day with lots of fun activities & whatnot, but it just wasn't one of those days.

5 pm rolled around & all I gotta say is that I'm thankful for a husband who understands that some days life as a stay at home mommy is hard. Glad he is so good to me. I think he knew it was going to be a rough day because he was sweet to bring me a caramel light frap before leaving for work at 8 am yesterday morning. 
Plus every Monday night Johnny is so sweet to watch our little boy so I can go fellowship with other women. Last night my not so good day ended nicely with me escaping from the house to visit with some sweet ladies at Panera Bread for Java after Jammies. I ALWAYS look forward to every Monday night to visit with friends. 

How do you make a crummy day better? 
What gets you through?

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  1. I love your new sandals! I think it was a good choice to exchange the flats for the sandals (who DOESN'T need new sandals?)

    Sorry to hear about your little one having a meltdown! But, I totally applaud you for being so calm and not loosing your cool! I hope I can be as awesome as you when I become a Mommy!!! I love that you said that YOU set the tone of your day, not your son! Great advice!!

    Don't you just love when the hubs does something sweet? (I also get the same thing at Starbucks!) I love when mine comes home with Starbucks just because he was thinking of me when he went! :)


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