Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Pizza & a Good Man

Singing happy birthday to daddy. 
Saturday was Johnny's Birthday & we had such a sweet weekend. I ordered Johnny's favorite pizza from Lou Malnati's in Chicago & had them delivered on Friday.
 Johnny's entire family LOVES these pizzas!! Its very funny their love for them. So I thought it would be nice to order 2 for his birthday. It was a surprise & I'm so glad it stayed that way until he opened the box. Seriously love this guy. He's got such a great smile!
We had a few friends over that we knew would appreciate the pizza. lol. I also made a yummy Ice Cream Cake! It was so yummy & I'll have to share this recipe soon! It seemed difficult but was so easy. 
Our weekend was basically this. Just hanging out. Enjoying the cool air & having a nice time with our little family. 
Happy Birthday Sweet Man of Mine. I sure love you. I have been blessed by you in this life & never could I have dreamt of you because I didn't know it was possible to have a life so wonderful. I still can't believe this is my life. You are truly so kind & sweet. Love you boy!

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  1. I LOVE Lou Malnati's!! That is such a great idea that i forget to do. SOmeone sent a dozen to my parents last year and i was so excited to come over and help eat them. Your ice cream cake looks yummy.


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