Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh, Lets Get Real

I just thought it is best to be honest & confess about what my hair really looks like in the mornings. In all its glory. So if I go to sleep with damp hair I look like this (below) in the morning. My hair is in between curly & straight. I've got waves upon waves that just frizz out like crazy. My sister got the naturally perfect curls (like my dad). Me not so much. I can make it curly withs lots of product, but because I'm too cheap to buy all that stuff instead I go with the Lazy Hair Fix all. Rollers. Yep, when I'm too lazy to straighten my hair I always default to Rollers. 
Oh, yes sweet friends (& those of you stumbling across by chance) this is what goes down on most mornings in the Fall. The Fall because I can roll outta bed at 8:15, plug in rollers, have hair up by 8:40, take down by 8:45 & be at Mothers Day Out by 9.
 Just getting real. 
Plus in the Fall my hair will stay curled for 2 days. Meaning I don't have to brush it, straighten it, or wash it for 2 days. Its great. Don't act like you don't do that too. Unless you have really short hair, it is a process to wash. We both know we aren't washing it every day.

Noah ALWAYS gets a hoot out of my rollers. 
He loves Grammy the most with rollers in her hair. Ha! 
So of course we had to makes some funny faces. Oh I just love kissing his little self! So after only 10 minutes I can take those suckers out of my hair and have.... 

the lazy brittany hair style, add some biosilk & ta-da controlled curls & no frizz.  
This is my confession for this week. Do you have one you would like to make? I'd love to hear it! 

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  1. I'm jealous that you can get out the door within 45 minutes! I have the same waves only lots thicker hair. I'm growing it out now so I'm gonna keep this in mind.

  2. for a minute i thought you were going to post a picture of mom in rollers and i was going to LOVE that. ha. also, it looks like you aren't wearing a shirt some of these pics! i thought maybe you were going to confess you went shirtless or something at home.


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