Monday, September 10, 2012

Is it So?

Could it be?
Is it here?
Has the time arrived?

I think. maybe. possibly. at least for a few days... YES! Yes, it is happening. Fall has arrived for a few days in Texas! Around here we have been soaking it in as much as possible.

Very excited to walk around outside
in long sleeves & jeans!! 
Loved laying in the hammock all weekend letting Noah play in the yard while I scripture doodled.
I fell in love with so many verses in the word this weekend.
For me, I feel so much closer to the Lord outside.
Anyone else feel this way too?
Made some sour cream enchiladas this weekend.
They were yummy! 
We played lots of music together...

and then we had a family coffee date!

This weekend was so fun! We loved relaxing in the cool air outside. I can't wait to pull out the scarfs, boots, and jackets... we aren't quite there yet but look forward to wearing all of those soon. What was your weekend like?
 Hope you got to enjoy the cooler air out this weekend!
Happy Monday!

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