Friday, September 7, 2012

Perhaps, I Should Apologize for Being a Bad Blogger...

So maybe I need to apologize for being a "bad blogger" the last two weeks.
But I wont.
Our life is usually pretty busy (we like it that way) and the last few weeks have been even busier than usual. It is a good busy. Actually it is a great busy & we wouldn't change anything. 

We didn't always like to be busy, but God has totally given us a love for fellowship with other believers, those who don't know him, and for simply enjoying living our life out in new ways. 
Hence the new love for this busy life. 

Today I want to share a few things you should know about myself & this little blog. Know that I wont pretend to be something that I am not. I will never write up a post I don't really care about just to have words fill up this little place of mine on the internet Monday-Friday. I won't have a post ready to be read at 8 am every morning. Sometimes I won't post until 7 pm. I don't have a theme for my blog because I love way too many things in life to just write about one of them. I will always be honest about what is going on in my life, stay true to who I am, and not blog about things that I don't really care about. I will post about silly things sometimes because I like to laugh & have a good time. I will post about DIY's & crafts (bc those are big hobbies in my life & I enjoy them). Also, I will post about my adventures in cooking & baking because I'm trying to get better at those. My husband & son will frequent my post more often than not. So will family & close friends.

I will always talk about my love for God and my strong relationship with his son Jesus. I could never deny who he is to me & how he has brought me true joy & freedom through accepting him as my personal savior. Why? Because I want EVERYONE to know all about him & the goodness my life truly is because of him. He is so big in my life there is no way around not talking about him on my blog. 


Just wanted to share those few details this afternoon before posting some instagram pictures from our week. Oh, this week has been so fun! Although Noah was sick two days it was filled with so much greatness. This week has been full of hanging out with sweet friends, talking about dreams, sharing what God is doing in our lives, laughing a lot, a little crying, praying, and so much goodness! Love seeing God work in my life & the lives of those around me. 

A few pictures from the week:

Noah was sick, we cuddled ALOT, I consumed lots of coffee, had cereal often
 & learned more Creole (take me back to Haiti soon Lord)
a massive Dollar General semi got stuck in the student center parking lot.
Noah was very intrigued by this. However all of the pastors were not. ha. 
We played art dough (like it better than play dough because it is easier to mold at his age) inside Monday & Tuesday while he was sick. 
I'm totally addicted to cucumbers & French dressing. 

Today we met up with my cousin Kristin & her sweet husband Kyle. They live near Seattle & I have not seen her in  about 9 years. Crazy. It was SO GOOD to see her & to meet her man. I can not believe she is married, I'm married & have a baby, that we have real grown up jobs & lives, and we are not teen-agers anymore. Just nuts how fast time flies by. Truly loved seeing her & getting to know her husband a little. I can see why she is so happy. Such a happy heart kinda day. 
Happy Friday Friends!
 Hope my honesty today was okay.

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  1. It's great to set the record straight sometimes about what readers can expect to get from your blog. Sticking to your guns and posting what comes naturally to you is what we all enjoy reading anyway. Thanks for sharing. Your week of cuddles sounds lovely. My littles isn't the cuddling type yet.

  2. Ya, I just really felt like it was important to let everyone know where I'm at & what to expect. Oh, it's so fun to cuddle!

  3. I am a firm believer that your blog is just that YOUR BLOG! Why should you apologize? :) Post what and when you want. There are no real rules or expectations, except for those you place upon yourself :)


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