Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Red Potty

The potty.
Here it is.
In all of its glory.

(ha. obviously I like jack johnson music)

Johnny's parents bought Noah this little red potty a few months ago & originally we intended to start potty training back in May. Then life got insanely busy & my dad was sick and I wanted to spend time with my family which meant we were traveling a lot. Basically, it was impossible at that time to start training because I wasn't going to be traveling & running out the door while he was learning. Then I decided to wait until we got back from Haiti because our parents were keeping Noah & we didn't want our parents to have lots of accidents happening just in case he didn't get the hang of it right away. One day in August I tried until about 11 am but Noah was completely un-interested. So I said, oh-well, try again later. no biggie.

So here we are with potty training back on the agenda.
To be honest, I'm just not sure how I feel about it.

Noah is 27 months old & I just don't want to rush into something if he isn't ready for it yet, just to say he is potty trained. It isn't that big of a deal to me to have him potty trained by a certain age. For some mommies it is important, and thats great. Honestly, for me it is the last thing on my list of things to be concernend about. The same goes with the pacifier, I'm just not that concerned about taking it away from him. However, I do ty to keep it up & away until he's sleepy because it is impossible for him to talk with something hanging out of his mouth. In regards to potty training & getting rid of the pacifier, I want these things to feel natural for my little boy and not forced. 

So why am I not too concerned about potty training Noah right now? Simply, I just don't want potty training to be forced, confusing, and frustrating for him. He is only going to be little once in his life. I don't want to rush him into things that will be overwhelming for him. I have read that most little boys are not ready for potty training until nearly 3 years old. More often than not potty training last an entire year because it was started too early. So I just don't want that frustration for our little family. 

To be honest, I am ready to stop changing diapers, buying diapers, and I would love for him to wear the cute little boy underwear :) Just saying. 

Advice? Have you started too early? Too late?
Please feel free to leave me advice because unless we have a big change of heart the plan is to start next weekend. 

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  1. Haven't started with Ethan. He's just not that interested and I don't want to force it either, since he finally just started talking a few months ago. We have a potty and sometimes he'll sit on it. But nothing. Also, it's a good sign, I think, he's been telling us when he's gone poop. Ha! I'm hoping by 3 he will be interested.

    1. Ya, thats kinda my same thought. Not going to force it. Noah has been doing the same thing, letting us know when he goes, so I think he might be ready but just don't want to start too soon. Thanks for your input :) It is appreciated!


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